A Different Kind of Workout

So my thighs are killing me and my abs hurt from my new type of workout. My new workout is part of my new job for this month.


I am working at Night of Terror at Mullica Hill, NJ. The attraction is number 8 of the most haunted attraction in America. I work in the fun house where all the clowns live. I spend almost four to five hours standing, bending, jumping, and running around a certain hallway as I scare people in my clown outfit.


The job is so much fun but it is not easy. It is a lot of moving around and moving fast. The times when it is so busy in the attraction I am usually sweating so much it is like I did an Insanity workout.

The job is a lot of fun though. I love I am getting paid to do something like this. So for this month working at Night of Terror is my workout. The gym is not going to see too much of me this month but I will be back in November.


If you live in the area please come out to Mullica Hill, NJ to Night of Terror. The haunted attractions are worth it and so much fun! Happy Halloween!!!



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