Dietbet and Weight Watchers Simple Start

Just a reminder that everyone should join the Dietbet I am apart of! The money pot is at 2,350! What is the Dietbet? In 28 days you have to lose 4% of your starting weight. If you complete this goal then you win money!

How do they know you are not cheating? First you have to take two pictures of yourself when you weigh in. You have to show one picture of you on the scale and one picture of your feet showing the number. you also have to hold an index card with a certain word. Don’t worry! No one sees these pictures..I do not mind showing mine though.



It is so easy!! You can join the bet HERE!!


So..I started Weight Watchers: Simple Start on Friday and so far it is going well. My only problem is I feel I am eating a lot of carbs. So I found the following list and hope to go food shopping when I get paid tomorrow.

Like I said I feel like I have eaten a lot of carbs. I do snack on veggies and fruits but so far I feel like I am lacking in protein. I had eggs tonight for dinner to pack more protein in my diet.

So far I do not mind the Simple Start. I do find myself getting satisfied after I eat. This is also making me not snack so much because it is not part of the Simple Start. We shall see what happens in the up coming weeks.



Also!!! If you live in my area please come out to Creamy Acres Night of Terror in Mullica New Jersey. There are six attractions at a good price. I am in the 3D Fun House! I am your worst kind of nightmare clown. I love Halloween.



2 thoughts on “Dietbet and Weight Watchers Simple Start

  1. I have been wishing that I could join that Dietbet, but at my current weight, losing 4% in 4 weeks is a little unrealistic. The plan is to keep plugging away and eventually, I will be at the point where I can join in on all the fun!

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