Weight Watchers: Simple Start


So, I have been doing Weight Watchers since 2012..and I am
bored. I am tired of counting a ton of points..I am tired of have 49 weekly points..and I am tired of doing all this but not eating the right things.

No more! I am prepping for Friday to start Weight Watchers program Simple Start. Has anyone followed this program? If so..let me know how you like it. Has it worked for you?

So how it works is one picks meals and snacks that is suggested as “power foods.” These food are foods you can eat until you feel satisfied. Weight Watchers gives a suggestion of what this means on their website.

You do not gain 49 weekly. One is only allowed seven points a day. You can use that for cooking or a snack. I am not sure how this will go, but I think this will help me eat even healthier. I have been slipping from my healthy eating habits. I will update on my progress!



4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers: Simple Start

    • I hear that a lot that it is not for everyone due to being into diverse foods. I have only started yesterday but I do find I am eating the same types of foods. That could be boring..but I shall see.

  1. I keep contemplating trying Simple Start, but I don’t know… I like my 49 weeklies over the weekend. At our meeting last night they showed us something neat in the app to list all the power foods that apparently most people don’t know (I sure didn’t.) Anyhow, go into the app, click on more at the bottom right, click on browse food, click on foods and then there is a “power foods list”. Apparently Polar Bear meat is a power food! HA!

    • I just started yesterday and it really amazes me what is considered a power food and is not. I am shocked soy sauce is..due to all the sodium in it. Oh well, I am trying to follow it! lol

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