Feeling Discouraged Today

So remember all my hard work paid off? Well I screwed up my body with going away and the end of summer. I am so discouraged right now. I seem to struggle with my workouts, my clothes feel too tight, and I can not stop snacking. I feel discouraged.

I know this is a journey but this journey just stinks right now. Also, I hate how I get so much spam on this website. Most of the comments I get is spam. It makes me feel like no one is out there. I am tired of writing for spam. I am tired of not losing weight. I feel like I will never get back to 152.

I have lost my excitement and spark. I feel like since Rachael Ray I have not felt anything about the weight loss. BTW..still waiting for stuff from Bob Harper and that photo of me with the cast that day..I am just a commoner..you know I make no money, have student loans, and do not get driven around by a personal driver. But with I guess with a year and half going by none of this will happen.


If anyone could find this picture with me in it..please please please send it to me! I would really love it..but I know it will not happen. I tried reaching out before with email and twitter but got nothing..

I just feel discouraged and down today. I know this journey is hard but I just keep hitting a brick wall. A brick wall over and over and over again. No one said it would be easy..

My name is Jackie and I am addicted to food.




9 thoughts on “Feeling Discouraged Today

  1. I read you as well! A few years back, I went through a very discouraging time. I had lost 95 pounds, and then I just lost motivation. I gained back everything, plus 30 pounds, and then I just sat around being angry about it for like 3 years.

    Keep looking ahead. Don’t do what I did. It’s much harder the second time around, knowing you’ve already hit these milestones and this exercise used to be so easy. I wish I had a better tip for getting your motivation back!

    • Thank you for reading! I have been so discouraged because the last few days on this blog I had to have received 20 spam comments. Upsets me! Lol

      As for the weight gain..I hope to not gain more. I get nervous though. I know this journey is not easy but it is annoying! Lol your comment gave me motivation because you showed me someone cares and is reading my posts. Thank you so much. =)

  2. Tomorrow is a fresh start. We all mess up and binge eat from time to time, just get back up and keep fighting. Btw give myfitnesspal a shot if u haven’t tried it already 😉

  3. It’s not the fall that counts, but what you do next. I as well struggle everyday and just recently worked up enough courage to join back to weight watchers (only $150 for the rest of the year). Don’t give up, you got this!!

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