Music + Workout = Important to Me


I do not know everyone else, but music is highly important to me when working out. Without my headphones and my iPod I can not even be bothered working out. Usually gyms play music I can not stand because they have to please everyone who works out there. A class also has good music for me to workout to. I use to take this spin class on Mondays but I had to stop. I could not stand the music. I am 25 years old and the music was a little old fashion for my taste. Granted, Edith next to me loved it is really hard to please everyone. I am just saying music is really important to me with my workouts. It makes time go faster.


Not only this, but I do not want to hear anything out of the norm at the gym. For example..myself. I do not want to hear the loud breathing I am creating or the machine. I also do not want to hear others. For example..there is a guy I run into sometimes..and he sings at the top of his lungs the music he is listening to on his really annoys me. I feel like if I wear my headphones and listen to my music then I escape the world around me. I feel like it is just me in the gym and that is what I want. I do not want to feel like I am in a crowded space while singing Larry is next to me. I want to enjoy my workout and music helps me.


I thought I would share my workout playlist with you. If you care to share yours then comment below. I know everyone’s music taste is different but sometimes when you see a list it will open you up to knew song choices to workout to.

– A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

-American Boys – Halestorm

-Artificial Sweetener – No Doubt

– Bang Bang – Jesse J. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

– Bathwater – No Doubt

– Billie Jean – Micahel Jackson

– Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch – Missy Elliott

-Daughters of Darkness – Halestorm

-Do What U Want – Lady Gaga

-Drive By – Train

-Excuse Me Mr. – No Doubt

-For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert

– Freak Like Me – Halestorm

-Freak on a Leash – Korn featuring Amy Lee

– Gorilla – Bruno Mars

– Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

– Help is on the Way – Rise Against

– Hold On – Alabama Shakes

– I Miss the Misery – Halestorm

– Let It Go – Idina Menzel (Frozen)

– Lights and Sound – Yellowcard

– Lose Control – Missy Elliot

– Lose Yourself – Eminem

– Love Runs Out – OneRepublic

-Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless

– Mermaid – Train

-Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert

-New Divide -Linkin Park

-Out of the Black – Royal Blood

-Royals – Lorde

-Say You’ll Be There – Spice Girls

-She Hates Me – Puddle of Mudd

-Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

-Sparkling Diamonds – Moulin Rouge

-Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls

-Spiderwebs -No Doubt

-Team – Lorde

– Wannabe – Spice Girls

-Wooble – V.I.C

-Work – Lil Jon

-50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train


My music is sort of all over the place because it is in ABC order but I hope to have it down so it is warm up, working out, intense, and cool down. I love music. What do you all think about working out with music? Is it a must? What do you listen to?




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