A Different Type of Vacation


Last year I went to Jamaica for the week with my wonderful boyfriend Brian. My vacation was amazing, but I do hope to have a little different type of vacation. Basically, my whole week was me laying out by the beach and drinking all the fruity/alcoholic drinks I could last year. I was not very active. So I should have not been surprised I gained 7 pounds after my vacation. The only active things I did on the vacation was snorkeling and climbing The Dunns River Falls.



My vacation last year was awesome! It was an amazing adventure, because I was away with my awesome boyfriend Brian and I was out of the country for the first time.


Well, Brian and I are going to Mexico on Sunday. I hope that this vacation is a little different where I do not sit around like a lazy bum all day and stuff myself. Granted, I do want to do this, but not all day. I want to be more active. Our Jamaica resort had a lot of activities, but I never took advantage of it.


The following things I want to do to stay active are:

1.) The Bike Tours. They have a bike tour at our resort and I am VERY interested in this. The only bike I have been on recently has been my spin bike. I want to actually ride a bike around the grounds. I love riding a bike and why not do it on vacation?


2.) Water Aerobics. Why on earth would I not do this? I love being in the water and I would be outside in the sun. So I should work out in the pool. Water aerobics is one of the best workouts you could do because of all the resistance in the water.

3.) Zumba or Salsa Lessons. Why not? I do zumba at home and why not try to learn to dance differently in Mexico? It could be a lot of fun.

4.) Archery. I want to do archery in the worst way! I did it back in high school and I was pretty awesome at it. I want to see if I am still good at it. I think it is so cool they have archery on the grounds.


5.) Anything that seems interesting. I know this sounds dumb. I am not sure what else they have to truly offer at the resort. I am willing to try anything new or different since my weight loss. If I see something on the activities board I am willing to try it. I am not afraid to try anything new.




Brian and I leave on Sunday! We are highly excited and can not wait. I will most likely post before that. Enjoy the rest of your week!



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