Workout Gear

So nothing interesting has been happening with me on weight loss and fitness. Same stuff but a different day. I am trying to do another 5K in the future. I wanted to do the Zombie Run near me in September but I have a wedding that day. Does anyone know of fun and quirky 5Ks? I will do any 5Ks but I like when they are unique because I am not a huge runner.

So I found these cute workout tank tops and I want them so bad. You can find them here.




They are awesome! Since I am getting my Masters in English you can see why I love these workout tank tops. I am going to try and buy them. I hopefully get paid next week, but we shall see. They are just awesome.

Well, that is it. Nothing to amazing is going on right now. Still working out and still tracking. I had some events like a Bridal shower so I have no lost weight, but I stayed the same. I have less then a month until I go to Mexico which is always exciting. I can not wait for it.



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