I Love Graze and You Should Try It!


So this is going to sound like an advertisement post and so what? I want to share this new website I stumbled upon with all my readers.

So one day Facebook was giving me strange suggestions and Graze came up. I had no idea what this was..so I clicked on it. Graze is this really awesome site that sends you really tasty snacks for only $6 a box. It is crazy what kind of snacks you get for a little price.


Since I am on Weight Watchers I signed up for the Calorie Counter Box. I was still worried because who knows how many points these snacks are. I was so excited to see the nutrition facts in the box and so far the snacks range from 2-4 points which is great for a snack!


So, you can get a box every week for $6 or you can do what I do and get a box every two weeks. It is awesome. So I have a awesome code for you all.

1.) Go to Graze.com
2.) Enter the code: 5JT2M5NYB
3.) With this code Graze will send your first and fifth box free which is awesome!
4.) Say thanks to me. I am under Jaclyn.

You can cancel anytime and you can be like me and get your box every two weeks or you can set the date and get it whenever you want. It is up to you! The snacks are so good. I just got my box today and I can not wait for my next one.

Sorry to sound like an advertisement but I love this idea. It is such a great way to eat healthy snacks and you can not beat $6.



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