Don’t Let Summer Ruin Your Healthy Life Style

I will say this until the day I die, but I have no idea why people are so upset by gaining weight from the Christmas holiday. Summer is by far the worse time of year for people who want to be healthy. Now you will be telling me, “But Jackie, their is so much healthy options in the summer with fruits and vegetables. Plus you can do a lot of out door activities.”  Yes, I agree but there is so much BAD in summer. Summer is evil I tell you!


Lets start by saying that summer always means BBQ or late night/unannounced get together’s. These events usually mean booze and food where you consume late into the night. If you do not know me by now bloggers, but I do not usually eat after 8pm. So, eating and drinking after 8pm is so dangerous for me.  Granted, I could say no but I want to relax and have fun with my family and friends. Sometimes it gets out of control. Christmas holiday for me anyway, is only two or three weekends in a row. Summer…I have something booked almost the last five weekends in a row and the next two weekends. That is SEVEN weekends. God lord!


Not only booze, but the dessert and yummy summer goodness. My weakness is ice cream and guys…I turned down a trip for ice cream last night with my family. It is not only just ice cream but it is cake, cup cakes, funnel cake, and all the sweet sweet Jersey Shore boardwalk goodness I wish to consume.


My new deadly recipe is my WoodChuck Cupcakes. These are NOT Weight Watchers friendly AT ALL. They are like 8 points for one and they are not that big. WoodChuck is one of my alcoholic that I love and they are amazing, but they are so bad for you. If you want to make them here is the recipe.


So, summer is fun but it is awful for you at the same time. My tips for the summer are the following:

1.) Still go to these events. Just be wise with your choices. If you want ice cream or a piece of cake have it, but pick one. Don’t have both.

2.) If you have events Fri-Sun and they are drinking events only drink during 1-2 of these events. Figure out which event or events not to drink at. It would be better to not drink at all.

3.) Eat before going to these events. Do not go to a BBQ or party hungry. It is a awful if you want to be like a savage through the line of food because you are hungry.

4.) Look for the healthy options like the veggie or fruit tray.

5.) Don’t drink when it is a lazy Sunday. If you are hanging by the pool and it is not a big event, then don’t drink.

6.) TRACK EVERYTHING! Even if you ate a lot and you feel guilty still write it down. You can see what choices you actual made. Tracking actually helps me understood that maybe I should have had the Cheeseburger rather than the Cheeseburger AND fried chicken. Tracking makes you realize what you could do different.

7.) Workout. Working out really helps you gain Activity Points or Burned Calories so you can have that beer.

8.) Drink a lot of water. Water fills you up and you still have that social kind of feel because you are drinking something. People may make fun of you, but water is awesome.

9.) Be active at a BBQ or party. If they have games, play them. If they have a pool then go swimming. Do not sit around at the table and drink and eat your face off.

10.) Finally, do not eat after a certain period of time. I try to stop eating after 8. If not, then try 9. Do not eat and drink late into the night because you can’t burn those calories and the crap will just sit in your system when you go to sleep.



Well, good luck! Summer is rough. I don’t care what anyone says. It is hard to keep on track during the summer time. If anyone needs support I am here. We can get through this summer together.





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