I am more than my body

   Today was a rough day at work. Basically being told I will most likely not be in the same position I am in work next year. I am just a body there. Where ever you fit they will throw you in. Most don’t know my name and if they know it they can not even spell it or say it correctly. Jaclyn is spelled this way and Jocelyn is spelled this way.

Anyway, I felt depressed all throughout work and when I got home. I wanted to binge eat like crazy but I tried to keep my mind off of how I am just a body to people. I wanted to eat a whole bag of veggie straws or a whole thing of ice cream but I stopped myself.  I kept myself busy by cleaning the house and reading so I would not eat my feelings away. I tried to enhance my mind rather than believe I was just a body. I am more than my body.


I am more than my body and eating will not help my problems go away. If it happens..then it has to happen. I have a great family, friends, and boyfriend. I am highly intelligent, even if others do not believe so. I am strong and fit. I am creative in my own unique way. I do have talents. No one has ever really heard me sing before. I have emotions and thoughts. I have beliefs and fears. I am more than my body. I have a soul. So I will not cave into my binge eating and I will not cave into feeling worthless. I am more than that and I am not that. If it is meant to be..then let it be.


My family


My friends


My wonderful boyfriend Brian. ❤


Let it be.





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