Going Back to the Basics

My Mom hit 100 lbs loss this week and you know how she did it? She tracked everything down she consumed. My Mom and I we do Weight Watchers. We find that this program is the best way for us to change our old life style. My Mom is actually a member of the program while I piggy back off of her because I am too poor to join. Well, I have not been losing weight at all and you know why? I stopped tracking. When I thought I did so well two weeks ago with tracking, I really was not. I did not write everyday and I did not even add up exercise points. I was not tracking! So my Mom talked me going back to the basics. Since I am, I decided to give you am introduction blog for my new followers.



My name is Jackie and in 2012 I decided to make a change with my health. I was 23 years old and 232lbs. I was very unhappy with my life. I was weak and depressed. I had no self confidence. That summer I started Weight Watchers and wrote everything down. I worked out in the comfort of my own home because I was nervous to workout in front of anyone.  As the year kept going, I kept losing weight and my confidence was rising.




At the time my blog was on TUMBLR. I was contacted by the crew of The Rachael Ray Show to have me appear on their show because my fitness hero was Bob Harper. All I ever did was work out to his DVDs in the summer. I loved reading his books and I found him to be inspiring on the show The Biggest Loser. Google: Bob Harper A Double Surprise…to see the video.


So, things were going well. I was losing and tracking. I was so active. Being on the television show boosted my ego so much. I did things I never done before last summer. I did two 5ks, a man picked me up off the grown, I climbed the Dun River Falls..and more.

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Then something happened around Christmas time of 2013. I got lazy. REALLY lazy. I was still working out really hard, but I was not tracking. I would weigh myself EVERY single day thinking if I kept track every single day I could lose weight, but that was just stupid. In the summer I was 152 lbs and slowly I was gaining weight back. Granted, I do not know if it was muscle or weight..but I was gaining. I was starting to lose confidence again. I felt if I kept posting Transformation pictures I would feel better, but it was not working.




Sure, the pictures were making me feel better, but I also was lying to everyone. The picture says 152 lbs, but I was most likely 165 lbs. I gained 13 pounds since Christmas. I was ashamed of myself and felt really down. I was not really writing on here, because I felt I was not that great of a fit and weight loss blogger if I was lying to my readers and I was not even doing what I said to do. I was stuck at 165 lbs. The scale would not budge.

This all changes NOW. I got myself out of this rut on June 6 and started writing and tracking everything down for Weight Watchers. I started to use the 49 weekly points and counting my exercise. Everything I ate and everything I drank was written down in my book. NO MATTER WHAT! It was like I was starting all over again. You know what? When I weighed myself on that scale a week later. I LOST 3 LBS!!!!

The scale that would not budge from 165 lbs, went down to 162 lbs. All because I was tracking!! It works. GUYS, it really works!! Do not stop writing and do not get lazy. Do not be me!! Don’t do it. You will feel like crap. Now things will be different.


My goal this summer is to get back to 152 lbs. I believe I can do it. Ten pounds is hard, but I will need to work hard and keep on track. After this goal is reached, my next is to lose ten more to say 90 lbs. My graduation for my Masters Degree is in January and looking good in that cap and gown is why I started on this journey. I hated my undergrad pictures. This time it will be different. It is back to basics. No more lazy Jackie. No more slacker who is not writing on this blog. I will work hard physically and mentally. I know I can do this. I can get past this hurdle.

Thank you for reading.





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