My Love for Bob Harper

Since it is snowing..again..I did not go to the gym today. I decided to pop in one of my Bob Harper work out DVDs. I have not done one of his workouts in such a long time and I forgot how much I love them. I never sweat as much as I do when I do one of his workouts. Also, I feel so sore but satisfied after one of his workouts. I love it.

image (1)


If you live under a rock or if you are new to my blog, I am in love with Bob Harper. I think Bob Harper is a great inspiration and his DVDs and books are great. Most people know him from the Biggest Loser but I was into him due to his workout DVDs first. I did start with the Biggest Loser workouts before I even watched one episode. ( FYI..Do not forget to watch the final episode of the Biggest Loser this week. I am super excited to see who wins this season! The episode is tomorrow!) I could not get enough of Bob Harper. I love reading his books because they help me put my mind in check.

I really think Bob Harper is the reason I have lost weight. Yes, my Mom did a huge amount of this due to our eating habits but she was not the one to push me into working out. Without working out I would have not lost 80lbs. Bob Harper did save my life.

Rachaelray11 Rachaelray14

I did meet Bob Harper last April on The Rachael Ray Show when I lost 60 lbs. I was so star struck and so unsure with what was going on I was so silent and so nervous. I sort of regret this because I really did not talk to him. I was a stupid fan girl. Now I have lost 80 lbs and I have learned from Bob Harper that skinny is not everything and I rather be strong. A big dream of mine is to try Crossfit but it is too expensive. I try some of the Crossfit exercises that he posts on his Instagram but I could never afford to join a place that does Crossfit.


If I ever meet Bob Harper again I hope it is not in a dress but in work out gear. It would be awesome to work out with him. It would be AMAZING to take on of his spin classes but to try out Crossfit would be awesome. I can not complain though. I am humble I met one of the inspirations for my weight loss journey. I will continue to buy his DVDs and read his books. I love Bob Harper ❤ ❤




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