Starting Weight Watchers Simple Start

I am back from my trip to Myrtle Beach to visit my friend Allie. It was loads of fun! Only thing is I have not eaten a fruit or veggie since Friday. Really going through withdraw. Also, some of my meal and beverage choices were not the best but I had fun and that is all that matters. Also, I was SOOOOO bummed that I did not get to ride a mechanical bull. The bar that has one was shut down for serving under age kids. I guess it was a good thing they were closed. I still had an amazing time seeing Allie!




So if you all do not know, I follow Weight Watchers. I feel like it is the only program I can follow with my eating habits. Only problem is I have been getting so bored! So my mom suggested the Simple Start. I am only allowed 7 points a day but they have things known as power foods. These power foods are things you can consume as much as you wish until you are satisfied. I like this idea for it is not a lot of point counting. Also so think this will help me with my bad snacking habits. Maybe I will go for a bag of carrots rather than pretzels. We shall see. I am not sure how the program is but I am starting tomorrow. Once I get a feel for it I will report back on it and let you all know what I think!



One thought on “Starting Weight Watchers Simple Start

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