Weight Loss Anxiety

7de92c8b55b12c6bad18dfb02cc01155 I seem to always have weight loss anxiety. I had a really weird dream last night about how I gained my weight back. I could not fit into any of my clothing and I could not do my usual workouts. Then Bob Harper appeared into my dream and was yelling at me! Bob was yelling at me! He told me he was disappointed and was upset I went back to my old ways. Then I woke up and at work I had a slice of cake. Ugh!

I do have worries in the back of my head just like everyone does. I worry that I will fall back into really bad habits and gain all my weight back. Snacking is my huge problem. I never seem to be satisfied and I keep telling myself I need to eat when I am not hungry. I have not been like this for a while but lately I am always snacking when I am not hungry. I used to be like this and this is making me nervous that I am going to go back to my old ways. I know I do not eat like I used to but I really need to stop snacking. I need to give up sweets and salty foods. I am addicted to chocolate, chips and pretzels. I do not need them! I need to stop.

This weekend I am visiting my good friend from college and I know unhealthy eating and drinking will happen. I want to make good choices with some things though. After this weekend I do not have anything huge happening until my birthday weekend when I celebrate my birthday and the beerfest in AC.I need to keep on track. I need to write and count my weight watchers points. I need to stop snacking. I need to keep working out like I am. I know I can do this.

Also, I am enjoying the fact I do not weigh myself every single week. Getting rid of the scale has truly helped me in the long run. When I weighed myself every week I was becoming miserable. I do not recommend this to everyone unless you lost a significant amount of weight. I am enjoying my long distance relationship with the scale. I need to get over my weight loss anxieties. I have been doing an amazing job so far. I need to get over the idea that I am going to slip and fail. I am not a failure. I have come this far and that is saying a lot. I need to take a deep breath and learn to control my anxieties.



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