December Fitness

workingout Everyone always seems to ask me what do I do for work outs. I love working out and I love to try new things. I thought since I joined a new gym I should start something new. This is my fitness schedule for December. It is a rough draft because things do come up and thing can change but I felt it was kind of cool to schedule certain things. Classes are set because of time but if you notice it will say weight training or cardio. I am not sure what I will do during those days but I figure I would focus on one or the other. So I plan to do a schedule like this every month. I think a schedule will really motivate me to keep going. I think it will make me feel like I need to be somewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am doing a boot camp class tomorrow! Wish me luck. =D




One thought on “December Fitness

  1. You’ve talking about being kind of stuck on the weight loss path, and I noticed you seem to have a lot more cardio then weight training. Unless some of those classes do both? But you might want to consider adding another session a week or doubling the time you do it for. When I met with a trainer (never signed up for it but my gym provides a free consultation) he said if I only do weight training twice a week it should be for an hour if I go in 3 times its okay to drop down to 45 minutes. But pretty much cardio only gets you so far and weights is how you’re really going to make a different, so might be worth it for you to do more weights and less cardio 🙂

    Also saw the cookie thing and reminded me of this recipe I saw on Pinterest I’ve been wanting to try, but with chocolate chips instead of raisons, but everything in it is all healthy stuff!

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