Bob Harper is No Joke…No Joke!


I gave my buddy Bob Harper a try with a DVD set that I purchased at Target today. I NEVER tried a work out DVD by him that was not The Biggest Loser base. Man..these DVDs are tough!! If you are a beginner do not do these work outs. They are not for beginners. I know a lot of people jump right into Insanity but I think you should try other workouts before doing something intense. You could really hurt yourself.
Anyway, these workouts were awesome for someone who knew what they were doing. Bob Harper is no joke, man. He has drank the Kool Aide and he is nuts! If you are considering Crossfit this is a great way to start. They are basics. Even if if is basic you still sweat and bust your ass off. It is great!
I also loved the people doing the work out. They did not remind me of me but they were grunting and sweating and messing up. I like to see that no one is perfect. It makes me feel better.
I recommend these workouts if you have been working out for a while. The workouts are intense and not for starters. If you know what you are doing then go into it!

Right now my legs feel like jello.




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