The Biggest Loser Review and Bob Harper

Sorry this is late..I really did not care for the first episode of this current season of The Biggest Loser. This season it is an hour and that is great but it felt rushed. Everything about the episode seemed rush. Also the contestants seem forced. So many sob stories. I like sob stories but it was a sob fest the first episode. I feel the show is high emotional but it is for the wrong reasons. The weight loss should be the main drive. That is my opinion. Also…um..NOT ENOUGH BOB!! I was not happy with this! I know there is a lot of contestants on the show now but I was missing the Bob action.


Speaking of Bob action. I am excited to try this work out tomorrow. I have been lacking some Bob in my life and I hope he can bring me back to reality. Also..I plan on rereading and retraining on Bob’s Skinny Rules.


Bob has helped me before. I know he can help me again!




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