Confidence is the Best Clothing

Well driving to graduate school I just passed the local mall. I was thinking how I would love to go to that mall one day. This is funny because in the past I would have never wished to go to the mall!
When I was 80 lbs heavier I hated clothes shopping. I was twenty-three years old and I still had clothing from senior year. The idea of clothes shopping made me sick to my stomach. Do not get me wrong..Plus size clothing stores like Torrid are great but they never seen to cater for short 5’1 women. Nothing ever fit me tall length and my boobs were not existing in plus size clothes. These clothes never fit! I gave up all together. I never felt good about myself and my confidence was real low.

Now my life is completely different. I love to go clothes shopping (when I have money..that is another story.) and I feel confident in what I buy. I have learned that I love Old Navy and Aeropastale. I could spend hours in there. Also I love Plato’s Closet because it has cheap clothing and they are so cute!
Since the weight loss I wear different types of clothing too. I actually own dresses. I love to dress up and look cute. I feel like I try with my appearance now. I used to go out with Brian and not care what I looked like. Now I have the confidence to care what I actually look like.

What are your favorite clothing stores? Maybe I will check it out if I never shopped there. Is there something you wear now due to your weight loss? I would love to hear!




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