Couch to 5K

I have no idea why I thought The Biggest Loser was on tonight. It is on next week. Some kind of fan I am! Oh well, since I finished HW I will write a post!

I am so out of shape with running. I told myself I would sign up for more 5Ks but I never did. Now when I try to run I am so out of shape if is silly! Since I need to keep my mind busy with other things then worry about my scale I thought I would train for a 5K. The 5K I was thinking of doing would be the Ugly Sweater one I talked about before in the past. That is not until December..So I have plenty of time to train! I even found this cool thing…


I found this Couch to 5K to be very helpful! I am the kind of person that needs a plan. I find that if I just try to do something without a plan it never works out. So I am going to train for a 5K! Hopefully this works out for me. I know I commute a lot to grad school so I may have to tweak the chart to find my schedule.
Now I am going to train..I wish I had someone to do the 5K with me! Oh well..I am going to get my ugly sweater ready.



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