Weight Loss Problems, Bored Workouts and Biggest Loser on Tuesday!

First I would like to say this is my 40th post on my blog! Celebration!!!

Anyway, I have not really been updating because nothing overly exciting is happening. I lost 1 lb last week but I am still not back to my lowest. I have not been to my lowest since the end of July. I am 2 lbs away but it is highly discouraging. I know there is not race and weight loss takes time but when you lose a lot of weight at once it is hard to lose weight when you are thinner. It is tough. The weight does not come off like it used to. I could get away with have a treat day with some junk but now if I even eat one cookie I feel like I am bloated and so huge. I know it is in my head but I can not tell when I gain a little weight. I do not like it!

I have been getting bored with work outs. I decided to take a break from spinning this week because I am bored and my body is bored. I am also bored at my current gym. I was actually thinking of joining another gym. I want to join a gym that offers classes. I am finding out I am spending way too much money for my spinning classes and the gym. I want to combine the two..get more classes and hopefully get a better offer. I feel like I am always throwing my money to those places. Not only is money a problem but I am just bored. Since I am bored doing the same things over and over again..my body is and this is why I am not losing weight.

zumba_logo_1 Remember how I said I did not enjoy Zumba? Well, that was a lie! I think I disliked the Wii Video Game and that is why I never tried it. Also, when I was over weight I hated to dance because I did not feel like I was good enough or sexy. I took a Zumba class last week with awesome music and with people. It was a lot of fun! I would love to join a gym with a Zumba class. That would be fun. I know there is a woman who does classes for $5 walk ins but it would be easier to join a place that had the classes part of the gym membership fee.

The Biggest Loser - Season 14 Set your DVRs or tune in for The Biggest Loser tomorrow! It is on Tuesday at 8/7C. I am highly excited for the newest season because I am so much in love the show. I love how the people are so real and how they have struggles everyone who is over weight have. I also love how the show is a competition but they still help and work with each other. If a person is all about competition then it usually bites them in the butt in the end. The show is great and I am highly excited for the new season. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard is on this season. I know a lot of people were up in arms about this because he was already on a reality show and was a winner..and was not considered a real person. I think that is a bunch of crap. First of all, no offense Ruben, but when was the last time you even heard about the guy? Second of all he is over weight and should be given a chance to lose it. I think it will be interesting. I loved him on American Idol. It would be great if he could change his life around and lose weight. Jennifer Hudson did it and he deserves a chance too.


photo (1) Of course I will be watching because I am a HUGE Bob Harper fan. If you are not aware I met Bob Harper on The Rachael Ray Show back in April after I wrote a message to him on my tumblr blog. The post can be found here. Bob Harper is such an inspiration to me because he helps so many people with trying to lose weight. When I started my weight loss journey his work out DVDs were my main source of working out. I loved his work outs. I felt comfortable with them. I thought of him as my personal trainer the first summer of my weight loss journey because I was too afraid to go out and join a gym. I was afraid to workout in public. If I never found his DVDs I would have never worked out. I always say that he is a HUGE part of my weight loss journey and a HUGE reason why I lost 80 lbs. He basically saved my life because diet is everything..but you also need to work out. He helped me because the huge fitness nut I have become. So..of course I am watching The Biggest Loser tomorrow! Better watch out because this girl is on TEAM BOB and someone is going to win from his team this season!!!








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