They Have a 5K for Everything: The Ugly Sweater 5K.

They really do have a 5K  for everything.  If you feel like running a normal 5K then go to the local city and run that 5K. If you want people to throw color at you or run in the dark with glow sticks then be my guest! I did The Color Run back in July with my family. It was a lot of fun and it was a quirky way to move your body. Most kids or adults..would run a normal 5K but if color is being thrown at you then it just makes it fun!





Then I came across this 5K on a Groupon..It is called The Ugly Sweater 5K. I had to chuckle out loud to this because it is so funny the 5K’s they come up with. The silly thing is I really want to do it! It is happening December 7th in Philadelphia. I think it sounds fun. The charity seems to be for Toys For Tots and it is a great way to kick off the Christmas spirit. Who does not want to wear a ugly Christmas sweater and go for a run? Never mind..Do not answer that. Anyway, I think I am going to do it. Not 100% yet. I need to train for it. I am so out of shape with my running that I am rusty on my skills. I do have a long time to train for this and it is perfect. I will need to go to Good Will and get my sweater!

Ugly Sweater 5K

Here is the website if you are interested. Maybe it is in a location near you. I never heard of this 5K before and I thought I should share! =D



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