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So, if you have not known already I have been in a relationship with a great guy whose name is Brian. We have been dating for four years..five in April. Brian has now joined in the healthy and losing weight life style with me. He has lost over 20 lbs so far and I am so proud of him!

What I have noticed that we are falling into a trap with our dates. We tend to go out to eat ALOT. Also when we go out to eat we never seen to get anything healthy. I do not think we are helping each other by doing this. Yes, sometimes you need to live and enjoy life but eating poorly every week is not the way to go. I have been wrapping my brain around what Brian and I could do for dates. I thought I could share you my thoughts and ideas.

Working out together: This may not seem the most romantic date ever but working out is something I enjoy. I want to share what I enjoy with others. I also would like to have a work out partner.

Taking walks: We tend to do this already but maybe we can take longer walks. Go to the park and enjoy nature.

Go bowling: Ignore the junk food and just enjoy the sport. Maybe join a team?

Take a class together: My Mom suggested a cooking class but I do not think that will help us. I was thinking a dancing class or something but I know Brian would kill me.

Go to a concert: I noticed the concerts Brian and I have gone to we were standing on our feet and moving around the whole time. Concerts usually do not have junk food..They do have beer but they are so over priced it is not even worth it.

Go to a museum: Living so close to Philadelphia, Brian and I never seem to enjoy the history and art around us.

Cook a healthy meal together: I felt this could help us learn new healthy meals and we could do it together as a couple. Why go out and eat unhealthy when we can cook a good meal together?


These were just a few ideas I came up with. I just feel like we eat out far too much and this is what is not making me lose weight. Granted I come up with these ideas to go out but I wish he would help me with saying that is not a good idea. Oh well, I need to learn what is write and what is wrong.

If you think of any ideas, please let me know! What do you guys do on your dates? Any suggestions or advice? I would love to hear it!



9 thoughts on “Date Night Healthy

  1. We shop for running gear together! It brings excitement for both of us and gets us inspired.
    Walking and running together is great. We also snowboard and golf together – if you guys like those sort of things. Maybe a trip to the zoo, I always enjoy that too! 🙂

    • Golfing? That sounds interesting. I was thinking of maybe trying some kind of new sport together. Never golfed before. I know he has a couple of times but maybe it is something we could learn together. Thanks for the suggestions. =)

      • I always forget mini golf. We used to do that a lot but the mini golf places around here are so boring and the best one is attached to a restaurant that serves fast food and milk shakes. Haha I will have to look into a driving range.

  2. I love cooking with my fiance. He’s trying to lose some weight and he’s also a vegetarian, so it presents a fun challenge for us. You could make the whole day a date: pick out a meal together, go food shopping, cook together, and enjoy it all over a movie. I think the most fun is coming up with healthy desserts, because we both have a pretty serious sweet tooth 🙂 Maybe your mom is right! A cooking class might be fun for that kind of thing!

    • That does sound fun. Never thought of going out and actually shopping for ingredients together. Not sure where I thought the ingredients were coming from! Lol Yeah, maybe a cooking class would be fun and if they teach is a high fattening dish we could figure out ways to make it healthier.
      What kind of dishes do you guys make for vegetarian?

  3. What about hiking or canoeing/kayaking? Getting a little chilly but being on a lake while the leaves are changing colors or a hike through the woods in a state park might be different.

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