Plan to Change or Remain the Same

This journey has been unreal for me. Who would of thought when I started I would of lost 80lbs. In years past I would try to lose weight but nothing really happened. What was different? I WANTED to change. I looked at my life and felt I was complaining about everything! I was tired of feeling like crap, no sleeping well, and feeling out of shape. Also, I was tired of my low confidence. I never felt I looked sexy or pretty in clothes. I wanted to shop I’m certain clothing a stores but I was stuck in the grand mom section. I was sick and tired of feeling bad and sorry for myself. Things had to change.
Now I am going through the same thing except not so extreme. I am tired of being stuck at the same weight. I got on the scale today and saw that same number that has been staring at me since July. I am tired of it! So I am making changes.


Remember I said I had no time to work out Tuesday-Thursday? Well that is a bunch of crap. I noticed Tuesday and Thursday I have an hour to kill before class. Guess what? I went to Monmouth University gym. I moved my butt. I stopped acting tired and moved my body. I felt so much better at school.
My main problem is eating out. I have noticed I am going out to eat a lot with Brian or others. Also I have noticed I am not getting the healthiest choice. Sure, that Ruben sounds amazing but I should only get it as a treat. I need to speak with Brian about eating out less. I need to think of better date ideas.
My last problem is the dreaded alcohol. I am not drinking so much like I did in my undergrad but I have notice I am drinking more. Well, no more! Again this should be a treat and a once in a while thing. Looking at my schedule I have noticed there is no big events happening and eating bad and drinking should not be on my list anytime soon.


In order to make a change you have to notice what is wrong. Then you have to demand change for yourself. You have to learn to make these changes and want it to happen. If you do not want it then it will not happen. Want it!!



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