3 lbs Down and My Pumpkin Flavor Obsession

image Another week has come and gone and I am down 3 lbs this week. Granted, I am still not at my regular weight since Jamaica but I am 3 lbs down from the weight I gained from the trip. That is great! Losing weight is not a race. It will come off sooner or later. This week was different because I had only one day where I did make some risky choices. I was good the rest of the week. I went to spinning class a couple of times. I was also working more hours then usual at work. I am part time but Monday and Friday I picked up extra hours. Extra hours means less time to think about food. Tuesday-Thursday I am mostly in my car and I pack my own food. Once it is gone I am good. I still have not been working out as much as I would like but my calorie intake is better then it was a couple of weeks.  I only plan on being “bad” this week and that is on Sunday at the Eagles Tailgating. I ordered an Italian Hoagie, made my vodka gummy bears and will drink my Pumpkin Harvest Blue Moon. Today and tomorrow I plan on being good and on track. I did treat myself to a Ice Pumpkin Coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts today but it was not a huge treat.



I hate when summer goes away but holy poop! I love when September rolls around because I am addicted to the pumpkin flavor stuff. This is dangerous though! Who would have thought that pumpkin flavored things would be so delicious? All week I craved an ice pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts but I did not give in until today. The whole week I decided that I would have my normal coffee which is black. I thought I did very well and decided since my weigh in day is Friday..and I should treat myself. I love this stuff! If you have no had any..it is like crack. Maybe you should not try it. If you follow Weight Watchers a small is 5 points, a medium is 7 points and a large is 9 points.  A small is really not all that bad if you do not mind drinking your calories. I wanted to treat myself though and I of course got a medium. I could not drink a large because I could not drink 9 points..unless it is alcohol. 7 points is a lot too but I guess I did not feel as bad!

Funny story was I went into the Dunkin Donuts and it has been forever. I usually go in the drive in. Did you know they have a Pumpkin Pie donuts? Crazy, right? That sucker is 9 Weight Watcher points. I did not give in guys! I really wanted it though. Fast food places are so dangerous. I think I may stay clear from going in because I do not know what kind of donuts they have by looking at the menu at the drive through.

33333 I am pretty sure I am going on pumpkin over load here. I am not sure where it is coming from but I guess you can say I am embracing the fall weather. After the 90 degree heat waves this week I wish fall would come into picture. Anyway, you can treat yourself once in a while. Just be smart about it. If you want that 7 WW point ice pumpkin coffee then go ahead but do not get that and the 9 point pumpkin pie donuts. Make smart choices. Help one craving and save the other for another day or week. I am excited to brew a pumpkin flavored coffee and drink my Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin on Sunday!  Three cheer for pumpkin flavor!





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