Less Workouts Make Jackie a Dull Girl..

I should be typing a two page paper about the literacy and science crisis in public education but I rather type a blog post right now.

I feel like I am starting to get a routine down with work and school but it is still not the same for me. I feel as if I have no time to work out which really stinks. I enjoy working out because it is great to relief stress for me. I know I maybe coming up with excuses but I know I can not wake up at 6 am and go for a run. I know that I will NEVER push myself to do that. I tried to wake up early in college to work out and I just end up hitting the snooze button on my alarm. I do wake up early for work now but I know I can not wake up any earlier. I am not a morning person. I know it is an excuse but why would I force myself to do something I know I can no do? Plus I will not get enough sleep if I wake up earlier in the morning.

I could work out when I come home from school on Tuesdays and Thursday but I know as the semester goes on my work load will increase. I find myself reading and writing more then working out. It just really stinks. I know some type of work out would be better then no work out but school work comes first in my mind..I guess. When people tell me it is hard to balance their life out to work out I understand why. What am I going to do when I adjunct at colleges? Am I going to have any time to work out?

I feel somewhat down about this. It stinks. I was excited to go to spinning yesterday and I may do a double to get an extra work out in. I have not been to Planet Fitness since the month started and we are ten days in already. It is rather lame. I also find myself stressed out. The semester has just started and I am already stressed! I do not know why I am stressed already. Maybe it is the notion that I want to be great this semester. I find myself snacking more due to the stress. Sometimes I do not think people understand that I sometimes can not turn off my snacking mode. I am addicted to food. Having snacks around cause me to snack. I can not just stop myself. Would a person addicted to drugs or alcohol let it sit in front of them and do nothing? It is hard to explain but this is how I feel.


Since I can not work out three days in a row I was thinking of more extreme work outs. I really would love to do CrossFit but I am not sure my body is ready. I was talking to a guy at my spinning class about the program and it sounds very interesting but it is very expensive. I would have to give up Planet Fitness or Spinning. I am not sure though. I know Bob Harper’s latest DVD’s favor with CrossFit since he is such a huge fan but am tight on cash right now. I feel like I keep coming out with excuses but maybe I am just stressed out? I know things will get better. I know the weight will be back to normal and things will be better. It is just rough to step on the scale and see you are still ten pounds over before you left for vacation. I thought it would have gone down quicker but I guess not. I just need to be more active.



2 thoughts on “Less Workouts Make Jackie a Dull Girl..

  1. Jackie you look so healthy and fabulous – don’t let that slip away. I just started exercising again after a long tough year and just 2 weeks in I feel SO much better. Keep inspiring! You ARE reaching people who need you.

    • Thank you very much for the sweet message. The stress has been getting to me and it is hard to stay motivated sometimes. Today was a better day for me though. =) I need to figure out a work out routine that fits the schedule..and I may need to just push myself and go to the gym or for a run when I get home rather then sleep. haha Thank you again for the motivating message. =D

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