What I Learned This Summer

I can not believe my summer is over starting tomorrow! I know that summer technically does not end until the end of this month but my vacation and relaxing is over. I go back to work and graduate courses tomorrow. Not too excited because stress leaves me to junk food eating. Hopefully I can stop that by working out like I did last year. I am writing this post because I am not sure how much I will write due to my graduate studies.

Looking back on this summer I learned a couple of interesting things about life and being healthy.

1.) I learned that summer is tough with junk food and drinking. Everyone always complains about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. Summer is worse! Every week and weekend something is going on that requires high fat food and drinks. It is so hard to pass up. Granted, I did my best with making healthy choices but I did learn that summer is very difficult with being healthy.

2.) I learned that the body gets bored with the same work outs. Since it was hot I was not running outside and I was taking a lot of spinning classes. My body was getting bored and I was not losing any weight. I tried doing different things like swimming laps in the pool because it gave my body a shock of something new.

3.) I learned I love to shop and wear summer clothes. I used to hate showing off my arms and legs but the weight loss has given me confidence to show them off. I love to wear dresses now. I never wore them before my weight loss. I will be sad when I have to pack up my summer clothing this year.

4.) I learned that you should try new things. I climbed the Dunn’s Waterfalls in Jamaica and I walked around the streets of Philadelphia by myself for 8 miles. Not only activity but I went to clothing stores I never stepped into just to see if I could fit into things. FYI..Plato’s Closet and Aeropostale are my new favorite stores.

5.) Finally, I learned to embrace life and enjoy it. I experienced many things that were not considered healthy choices but I did not let that bring me down. Failure was not an option. I kept going even if the scale did not show things I liked. I kept going and I will still keep going. I will not fail.

Goodbye Summer 2013. It was a blast.




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