Getting Back in the Swing of Things


Yesterday was the last day of my unhealthy choices and lifestyle. Last week I went to Jamaica and enjoyed the food and drinks..ALOT. Yesterday I played bartender and tried to recreate the awesome Jamaican mudslides I had on vacation. It was a small BBQ at my house..So lots of bad food and drinking. It was my last big summer goodbye because tomorrow things go back to normal. I go back to work with my preschoolers and I have graduate classes! The thought of driving to graduate school makes me sick but I will get over it.
Today I woke up early despite all my drinking and eating and went to my first spinning class in a while. I almost died. The class was longer then usual and it was a full class. I was sweating a storm due to the workout but people were also on top of you. The workout was rough. I got through it though!
So now life goes back to normal. My goal is to still lose 100 lbs. Vacation sort of set me back from my goal but I am in no rush. Once I have a set routine then everything will go back to normal. Do not let one week of vacation ruin your confidence or progress. It is only one week! Enjoy life. =)



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