Cascadian Farm Hearty Morning Fiber


Today I tried my first product that Cascadian Farm gave me. I am a huge fan of breakfast food and cereal is something I love. I decided to try the Hearty Morning Fiber cereal. I love cereal that has fiber in it. For 3/4 it is 5 points in Weight Watchers. This may not seem like a lot but put it in a smaller bowl. Sometimes you can trick your mind with things like that.
When I poured the cereal in the bowl I have to admit that it did look like hamster food but usually fiber cereals do not look pretty. It tasted really good though!! The only thing I wish I had was strawberries or blue berries to spice up the cereal and give me more of a portion but it is fine. The cereal was still very good on its own. It is a great cereal for fiber. It totally filled me up and I am satisfied. I will eat this again for sure!



One thought on “Cascadian Farm Hearty Morning Fiber

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