Cascadian Farm Products Came Today!



I was so excited to see a big package on my door step today. My Cascadian Farm  products came today and they sent me a lot of things! I was highly surprised how much stuff they sent me. I am very excited to try these new products. I calculated the Weight Watcher points and learned all the products range from 3 to 6 points depending on the serving sizes. I like this because some days you need to eat more points then others for breakfast. I am so blessed to win these products because this will be great for my commute to Monmouth University. I drive an hour and a half both ways to graduate school and I usually eat in my car. It will be nice to not have to buy bars and other products for a while.

As I stated before I won these products on the blog Brooke: Not On A Diet. I met Brooke online after I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show back in April.  She has lost 170 lbs and she is truly inspiring. She always has great advice and tips. I suggest following her blog. She is great. Thank you again, Brooke and Cascadian Farm! I can not wait to use the products. =D



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