Excuse Me Philadelphia, I Believe We Met Before



Yesterday I had something I would like to call a ME PARTY…a phrase thanks to the movie The Muppets. I did not really have a party but a personal day to enjoy the city Philadelphia, PA. I live only a half hour away from the city and I never go. I never walk around and I never enjoy the city. I always complain I wish I lived in the city but I never go to the closet city to me. I decided to drive to a PATCO station, hop on the train and enjoy the sites of the city.

The best thing about this trip is all the walking I did. The city is a great place to really move your body and use what your feet were created to do.  I walked everywhere. I would love to live somewhere that I could walk everywhere. Where I live in Jersey you can not walk everywhere. I tried to go for a walk/jog one time out of my development and almost became road kill multiple times. Walking is a great source of exercise.


A great app that you should download on your iPhone is MOVES. The app is great because it counts how many steps you did that day. It tells you steps, calories, time, and miles. It is great. It also tells you cycling and running. Not sure why it counted cycling yesterday because I did not cycle. That is my only complaint about the app is that is not 100% correct. It is still pretty awesome to have on your phone though. It helps me understand how much walking I did for the day. I suggest downloading!!

 So I walked around the area and looked at all the historical sites that Philadelphia had to offer. If you never been to Philadelphia and live nearby I do suggest you really take advantage of the city.  Everyone always says negative things about this city but it is really nice in the areas I was at yesterday. The history is crazy and really amazing. It is amazing I live so close by!

 A interesting thing about my trip yesterday was the fact that I did this alone. When I was over weight I would have never done this alone. I would have never walked this distance by myself. I would have been stopping all the time and I most likely would have given up. Homeless people when I was overweight would make fun of me and yell at me when I would not give them change. They would assume I eat so much and that is why I would not give them money. BTW..Homeless people never ask money. Beggars are not homeless and they ask for money for they are too lazy to get a job. Give money to homeless and not beggars..Anyway…I would have never done this trip alone.

 I would always beg someone to go on trips with me. I felt doing this trip was something I needed to do myself. I needed to see how far I could go and I wanted to feel independent. I could see myself living in this great city. If I go back I would like to go with Brian or Michael or someone but it was great to do a trip alone. Do not be afraid of doing something for yourself or on your own. No one is judging you and sometimes it is nice to have a personal day. Remember..What happens at a me party stays at a me party. =)

– Jackie


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