Do I look like Beyonce, yet?


I am kidding..but I did get my hair cut super short. Shorter then usual. I saw a picture of Beyonce and she got this crazy short pixie cut and I felt I could top her.


My hair has not always been short actually. I always wore my hair long or on the semi short side. I always wanted to get a short pixie cut but was always afraid it would not look right on my face.

No matter what I did with my hair it just hung there. I would curl it, tease it, cut it and it would just hang there. This hair style was doing nothing to my face! It was just awful. When I started my weight loss journey I thought about a new hair style but I could not think of what I would do. Then Anne Hathaway came into my life.

This magazine cover haunted me the month of November in 2012. I saw it at the grocery store, drug store and one day someone left a copy of the magazine on the treadmill at the gym. It was as if I HAD to get this hair cut. So in December 2012 I got my hair cut and the rest is history!



My advice is life is too short. Be daring! Every girl should sport a short hair style once in there life. It feels amazing and it is so easy to maintain! Okay….maybe a short hair style is not for you but try something new. Do something you always wanted to do and do not let anything stop you. Life is too short! Live a little and enjoy yourself!



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