Twins Losing Weight 1 lb @ a Time

As I sit here almost at midnight while listening to Disney on my Pandora…I felt the urge to write on my blog. I spent tonight with my brother Michael. Michael is my only sibling and he is my twin. My parents must of been happy because out popped one boy and one girl. Why would the continue? My brother is really into movies and we ended up watching Spring Breakers which in my opinion is a skip..It was a weird movie. Anyway, Michael is really inspiring because he is one pound away from losing 100 lbs. He is very modest and rather not speak about his weight loss though. I will never understand my Mom and my brother for not sharing the world on how they did this! I feel like people trying to lose weight is such a hard thing that when people do lose weight the healthy and natural way they should share it. That is my opinion anyway..

188280_1002973837922_5875_nMy brother is very smart and he is really into movies like I said. He went to Rowan University and is looking for a job in Radio, Television and Film. He parks cars at a local hospital right now.  He has a blog as well on TUMBLR where he reviews one movie a week that came out in 2013. He also has a list going on movies he has seen. The blog is called A Collection of Ramblings . He is a pretty good at writing.

Since Michael is so close to the 100 lb mark he wants to now sculpt his body. He should have been doing this all along in my opinion but he asked me for help and I love to help of course! He asked what kind of protein he should buy but I told him he needs to work out and not just eat protein! So he is going to buy free weights and I was teaching him how to do squats earlier. He has come a long way. He used to drink 8 orange sodas and boxes of pop tarts. Now he is squatting and looking into free weights!  I hope he keeps up the good work and he is inspiring. I know he will not write about it but I will.  I have no problem whoring myself and my family. =)






3 thoughts on “Twins Losing Weight 1 lb @ a Time

  1. Holy cow!! That is amazing!! You both look fantastic!

    Congrats to your brother and his awesome accomplishment! And I agree that he doesn’t need protein to bulk up. He’ll be amazed with the muscles he’ll get just doing body weight exercises and free weights.

    • Thank you! =) I keep telling him he does not need protein but men never listen especially if they are your brother. I am going to do my best to help him with the exercises and free weights though.

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