Cascadian Farm Products and Shape Magazine

I am excited because I actually won something! I follow this awesome blog called Brooke: Not On A Diet and I signed up for one of her giveaways for Cascadian Farm products and one year subscription to Shape Magazine. I am very excited! I never win anything. =)


I suggest following Brooke and her blog because she is very inspirational. We actually got in touch with one another after I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show. She has lost over 170 lbs and she is very inspiring and full of motivation. Her blog is awesome because she is always finding something new for weight loss and fitness. Also she has giveaways like the one I won. Follow her! She is awesome!!


I am excited for Shape Magazine and I have actually never read it before. I love to read new things and it will be so cool because I can not remember the last time a magazine came to my house for me. My Mom will be excited that I will be receiving this magazine.


I am more excited to try the Cascadian Farm products! Most people know I love food and I love trying new things. Not sure what products exactly I will get but I know they will be great for holding me over while I commute an hour and a half both ways three days a week to graduate school. Whenever I receive the products I will review them for sure. =)



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