Skinny Cow

If you are not aware I follow Weight Watchers. Just like most of us I like sweets and junk food. Something I really love is the Skinny Cow brand. They have these awesome one serving sizes of ice cream and they are usually only 4 points.



Chocolate fudge brownie is my all time favorite because I love chocolate and this stuff really tastes like chocolate. So many times you go after diet chocolate stuff and it tastes nothing like chocolate which stinks! The ice cream seems like a small serving but it is worth it and after a while this will be the fix you need!



The mint is really good too! They have a few flavors. I am excited to try cup cake batter! So check your local super market in the ice cream section. Skinny Cow has other types of ice cream as well. This is an awesome snack and ice cream fix!



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