Try Something New

I am a strong believer now in trying something new. If you click the about me link you will find a weight loss bucket list and I find it very important for people to have something like this. I feel like people should have goals to inspire them to keep going.
My goals are very different now but when I started I had goals just like you. I wanted to be under 200 lbs or I wanted to shop at a regular store in the mall. These goals are great but I also feel you need to have activity goals as well.

One of my goals was to take a spinning class. I waited until I lost 50 lbs. I could have started sooner but I was too nervous to give it a try. Do not be like that! It will not hurt you to try something new. You will not be good at it the first time and you may not be good at it the second time. Everyone should try something new.

Now I need to get ready because I have a spinning class this morning!




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