Everything seems to be up and working. It took me most of the day to get this blog set up. I am not 100% of course but it is good enough to have something up and running. I will add new things here and there when I think of something. I think what I have no is great though. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! I hope this blog is successful and I hope it is not like tumblr. I love tumblr and I started there but I feel like all I do on there is reblog things. The things I post from the heart is never looked at. I hope that this blog is not like tumblr. Do not worry! I will still be on tumblr because I am addicted to it.




So..August is going to be my bitch until I go away with Brian to Jamaica. I am going to train hard and eat smart. Jamaica is not until August 25th, so I have a long way to go. Today I went to Planet Fitness which seems like forever ago. I did cardio for an hour. I am training for my next 5K which will be in October. My goal for this 5K is to run the entire time and not stop running. My first 5k was great but I would stop running here and there. This 5K in October will be me running the entire time and I would love to place in the top five. We will see though.

Well, now that I have been on the computer all day I think I will log off and enjoy the rest of my day.


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