Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog



My name is Jackie! I am currently working on putting together this wonderful weight loss blog. I am still getting the kinks worked out because I am VERY new to this website.  I do have an About Me section running right now if you do not know who I am.

I am currently in the process of losing weight and becoming as fit and healthy as I possibly can be. I have lost 80 lbs since May 20th, 2012 and I am still going. I started off weighing 232 lbs and I am currently at 152 lbs.

My goal here is to motivate people that this process can be done. It is a very difficult process but I promise you that results will follow. I want to cheer others because many cheered me on while I was starting. People are still cheering me on. Anyone can do this. Here I hope to post about my thoughts, feelings, ways to help others, fitness, food and many other things. As I stated before I am VERY new to this. I do have a blog on tumblr:


Also you will notice the facebook box on the side and you may click that as well!

Again, I am still working everything out on this blog site and it is still under-construction. I am out of work for a whole month so this site should be 100% in no time!!



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