Drinking More Water

 Lately, I have been feeling foggy and unclear with things. I do not feel awake or alert. I noticed I am not drinking enough water. I drink a lot of coffee and alcohol. I need to start going back to H2O. 

I did well yesterday. My goal is to hit 68 oz’s everyday. I am staying away from soda. I have been drinking too much of it. Also, I am going to start to watch my alcohol intake. I need to cut down to one or two drinks. I also need to learb to drink water in between.

 I am learning to get back to where I was. One step at a time. 


Transformation Tuesday: NonSelfies

 Usually when I take a picture of my face; I like the selfie angle. It makes sense. Gravity. Lately, I have been accepting straight on pictures of myself.

  The first picture was taken in 2012 when I was twenty-three. The second was a couple weeks ago in 2016. 

Does anyone hate getting their picture taken? Even at my heaviest I let people take a pictures of me. Why? Whenever I have children, I want my kids to see how nice and fun their mom’s life was and is. I also want to be remembered if I am not around. Morbid, I know.

This is the digital ages. Embrace your image. You are all beautiful.

Positive Today; Positive Tomorrow

 I noticed that my blog was getting a lot of traffic today; so I decided to post something small. 

 I have been having a great month of August. My mood had been at a all high and my confidence is great. I have someone in my life currently who is a postive rather than a negative. 

I have been eating somewhat better but I am tracking my food more. Drinking has been less recently. I think it is due to my high spirits. My mood and personality is drastically different as well. I am looking at life in a different way.

 I mean, wouldn’t you feel positive after holding a sloth and feeding her a carrot? 

 Weight loss is not just about losing weight. I thought it was about losing numbers off the scale. I didn’t have to just lose weight but I needed a personality check. My mind has been so foggy and unclear for so long. I sort of lost myself. Now, I am realizing I am a good person and being happy and healthy is what matters.

 The school semester starts soon. I am excited to mentor and motivate my students to become critical thinkers and writers. I am excited to see what the future holds. The future looks bright.


Staying Positive

I have not posted in a while. Life has been rather interesting but busy. While all this is happening; one must stay positve. I have had a lot of great things happen in the last week, but one event that I must remain postive about. 

 My mind is always changing and with events recently it is changing for the better. I was always filled with negative thoughts but recently I have learned that thoughts like this does not do a person any good. Why worry and fret about things that you can not change? You are the only thing that can change. Focus on that.

 So, even with the recent events I must stay positive and give this person positivity too.


The Best Night of my Life

The shooting in Orlando was a terrible tradgey. It really hurt my heart to hear something like this happened to a community that is all about love and acceptance.

 Over the last year I joined in events with the gay community. Mostly drag shows to be specific. I am not a homosexual but I believe that life is worth living. We can not go through life worrying and hating. Life should be about loving who you are and the people around you. Again, love and acceptance. This community has showed me this. For the first time EVER in my life I love myself. I feel comfortable in my own skin because I feel I am not judged and I can be myself.

On July 21st, Philadelphia did a charity event for the tradgedy in Orlando. All the bars in the Gayborhood opened their doors if you had a wrist band. You could jump from bar to bar and not worry what to do because there were so many events. I went with two girlfriends of mine. The night was amazing.

Never have I witnessed so many people together for one event. No fights, no judgment and no worries. Everywhere we went we met so many people. We did things we never did before such as dance for hours. 

 Glitter thrown onto our bodies, accidently giving a drag queen a $20, catching Pokemon in the middle of the street and running into people from your home town. To end the night we sang Seasons of Love at the top of our lungs. In the past I would have recorded it but living in the moment was ten times sweeter.

I did not have any negative thoughts, I felt confident and comfortable. It was a night I will always remember and it was all for a good cause. The event raised 70,000 that night. It is an amazing feeling I was apart of this loving and accepting night.

This community has really changed my outlook on life. 

 However, I am still finding glitter in my room and bathroom a week later!


Living: Independence is Amazing

The last few weeks has been a lot of self searching for me. I am learning it is okay to go off and do things on my own. I am learning that independence is not a bad thing. If you want to do something then go out and do it. If you wait for others you may not experience the wonders this world or life could offer.

Back during the 4th of July week I went to NY city. I love the city but I  never went alone before. This trip was elebrating. I took the train, walked Time Square, went to Ham4Ham, went to Central Park, ate at a resturant, and saw a Broadway show all by myself. It was a wonderful time. I saw so many different things where if I was someone else I could have missed something. I plan to do this again the end of August.

I did a lot of walking too. I was a beast that day.

Another thing I started to do alone was go to drag shows. I did at lot with the art of drag for my Master’s degree. Also, I am addictes to Rupaul’s Drag Race and the queens on there. My one friend started tagging along with me which is nice. I love going to drag shows for fhe confidence they have is amazing. The people who attend are confident with theirselves and this makes me comfortable.

Finally, this weekend I went into Philadelphia because I saw a Broadway Karaoke Battle at a bar. I was interested in singing but I wanted to be in a room with other people who liked what I enjoyed which is Broadway. I got brave and signed up. I sang Maybe This Time from the musical Cabaret. Four people were awarded prizes. Fifteen people competed.

I took fourth place. I won money too! What I actually won was confidence in myseld to sing infront of a group of strangers, go off to a city/bar by myself and do something I really wanted.
I am finally living and I love it.