New Works and Brand New Confidence



What an insane week! I am going to make a quick post. I am sorry if I do not seem very helpful with advice posts or anything. Graduate school is kicking my butt. I have a presentation, annotated bibliography. two papers over 15 pages of length and the work of my masters thesis that is due less then a month. Lets say I want to pull my hair out! Anyway…

I am in such a better mood that I do not weigh myself every day or week. The scale was driving me crazy and I finally feel I have all this weight off my shoulder..No pun intended. I feel better about myself. I have no idea what my body is doing but it is nice to not constantly worry about it. I feel like I am actually living. So, goodbye scale until December 6!

So, I joined Healthtrax with my Mom last Thursday. Saturday I did a yoga and piloxing class. I have never done either before and it totally kicked my butt. It was funny because during the work out I felt like I did nothing but when I woke up the next morning my abs were on fire! My abs are still hurting if I sneeze or cough. I have never felt this sore in a while. So, I guess the class really did something. Sunday my Mom and I did Zumba and that was a lot of fun. I am not too crazy about Zumba but my Mom enjoys it. I think the whole idea of dance moves kind of drive me crazy. If you tell me to squat then I will squat. But if you tell me technical dance names I sort of get lost. My Mom and I are going to do another class tonight though. I am happy my Mom is going back to working out.

So, the fitness classes are awesome. I am going to try more classes until I go back to spinning. My body is bored of spinning. Also, my legs are looking damn I will take a break. I actually meet with a personal trainer next Monday about weights. I hope to do more things with my arms and my abs. I would really like that. Well, I have to go. I always seem to be busy. I have an eye doctor appointment. I feel like I am always rushing around or doing home work! I can not wait for winter break!! Stay tune for tomorrow because I have an awesome transformation Tuesday photo! If you are from the Philadelphia area then you will know all about who I am posting a picture with. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see.



Weight Loss Problems, Bored Workouts and Biggest Loser on Tuesday!

First I would like to say this is my 40th post on my blog! Celebration!!!

Anyway, I have not really been updating because nothing overly exciting is happening. I lost 1 lb last week but I am still not back to my lowest. I have not been to my lowest since the end of July. I am 2 lbs away but it is highly discouraging. I know there is not race and weight loss takes time but when you lose a lot of weight at once it is hard to lose weight when you are thinner. It is tough. The weight does not come off like it used to. I could get away with have a treat day with some junk but now if I even eat one cookie I feel like I am bloated and so huge. I know it is in my head but I can not tell when I gain a little weight. I do not like it!

I have been getting bored with work outs. I decided to take a break from spinning this week because I am bored and my body is bored. I am also bored at my current gym. I was actually thinking of joining another gym. I want to join a gym that offers classes. I am finding out I am spending way too much money for my spinning classes and the gym. I want to combine the two..get more classes and hopefully get a better offer. I feel like I am always throwing my money to those places. Not only is money a problem but I am just bored. Since I am bored doing the same things over and over body is and this is why I am not losing weight.

zumba_logo_1 Remember how I said I did not enjoy Zumba? Well, that was a lie! I think I disliked the Wii Video Game and that is why I never tried it. Also, when I was over weight I hated to dance because I did not feel like I was good enough or sexy. I took a Zumba class last week with awesome music and with people. It was a lot of fun! I would love to join a gym with a Zumba class. That would be fun. I know there is a woman who does classes for $5 walk ins but it would be easier to join a place that had the classes part of the gym membership fee.

The Biggest Loser - Season 14 Set your DVRs or tune in for The Biggest Loser tomorrow! It is on Tuesday at 8/7C. I am highly excited for the newest season because I am so much in love the show. I love how the people are so real and how they have struggles everyone who is over weight have. I also love how the show is a competition but they still help and work with each other. If a person is all about competition then it usually bites them in the butt in the end. The show is great and I am highly excited for the new season. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard is on this season. I know a lot of people were up in arms about this because he was already on a reality show and was a winner..and was not considered a real person. I think that is a bunch of crap. First of all, no offense Ruben, but when was the last time you even heard about the guy? Second of all he is over weight and should be given a chance to lose it. I think it will be interesting. I loved him on American Idol. It would be great if he could change his life around and lose weight. Jennifer Hudson did it and he deserves a chance too.


photo (1) Of course I will be watching because I am a HUGE Bob Harper fan. If you are not aware I met Bob Harper on The Rachael Ray Show back in April after I wrote a message to him on my tumblr blog. The post can be found here. Bob Harper is such an inspiration to me because he helps so many people with trying to lose weight. When I started my weight loss journey his work out DVDs were my main source of working out. I loved his work outs. I felt comfortable with them. I thought of him as my personal trainer the first summer of my weight loss journey because I was too afraid to go out and join a gym. I was afraid to workout in public. If I never found his DVDs I would have never worked out. I always say that he is a HUGE part of my weight loss journey and a HUGE reason why I lost 80 lbs. He basically saved my life because diet is everything..but you also need to work out. He helped me because the huge fitness nut I have become. So..of course I am watching The Biggest Loser tomorrow! Better watch out because this girl is on TEAM BOB and someone is going to win from his team this season!!!







Sweat USA in Atlantic City



This Saturday I headed to Atlantic City, New Jersey and experienced my first expo that had everything to do with health and fitness. It was an amazing experience! I enjoyed it very much and I wish I went for the second day. The expo was at the Caesars Hotel and it was a great space. There was a lot to see and much to do. The expo its self was cool by having lots of free give away’s, A Reebok store with 25% off everything, E-boost and many different things. There was a main stage in the center that was really cool. Lots of interesting talks about health and fitness. One part pole dances were showing off there moves and a Zumba class  which was awesome.

The only thing I had a problem with was the knowledge of everything. If you plan to do this expo go early. Unless they change it for next year, you have to sign up for all the free classes (I do not understand why…I will explain later) and they fill up quickly. No where on the website it says that sign up is right out front and not before a class or anything. Also, they let people sign up for Sunday. I am so glad I showed up Saturday because if I came only Sunday all the classes would have been filled!

Well, I signed up for things and that was fine. When my class at 2pm happened..I went to the location I thought it was at but it ended up nothing was happening. When I asked people no one seemed to know what I was talking about. So I was a little upset by this. Then I noticed something interesting while I watched people go forward to the spinning class. People were taking bikes but no one was checking if they signed up. Then when people came and said they “signed up” they were kicking people off the bikes. No where did I see a list in someones hand or anything. No one was checking. What was the point with signing up? Well, I signed up for a hip hop class for 3pm. I had NO idea that they were a half hour behind with the classes. The classes were located across the hall from the expo and that is where I headed at 3pm. When the doors opened at 3 pm, I walked in with a huge group of women who were waiting. No one asked me if I signed up or made sure I was in the right place. No one asked anyone. We all walked in. Well, it turned out that I did not walk into the hip hop class but the KerboomKA class. Had no idea! Well, since I was there I stayed. It turns out I talked to a women later in the day and she told me that she only signed up for one class and that her and her daughter stayed in the theater all day..No one was kicking her out. So, what is the point for signing up? I do not blame the women because you spend this money why not stay for the free classes? Might as well. I just found it odd that a lot of people did know know timing and scheduling and no one was checking lists or names. My only problem with the expo. Okay..enough negative..Let me tell you the awesome things!!!



The one high light of the trip was the address Jillian Michael’s gave. It was free with your ticket and it was on the main stage.  have to admit that I waited for her for a bit to make sure I was up close. I am really short so I always make sure I have a good spot. I had a great view. She came out and she was so motivational and inspirational. What I loved the most about her speech was apart about how do you get to where you want to be. You can tell yourself that you are great and you can do this..but how will you get to where you want to be? Why is this important? She made examples like living long enough to enjoy her children growing up or fitting into skinny jeans..or having a great sex life. The idea of how and why you want to get to where you want to be seemed to really hit home with me. It is enough to say you are awesome..but how and why did you get to that point?

I even said in my last blog post that she was adorable. She was quirky and funny. I had no idea she was like this. She always comes across and harsh and mean but she was so awesome. Then she had a Q&A which was great because she got personal with the people in the audience. She was so close to picking me. She picked the girl in front of me which was okay. I was going to ask her out to get past this brick wall I have been having with not losing weight. I also wanted her to tell Bob I said Hi..but you know sometimes you are not lucky. She was adorable though. People were throwing little gifts for her and she tries so hard to take as many pictures with fans as she could. She seemed very humble and great full that she has that many fans.



There was so much to see and do for everyone at this expo. What I loved was the main stage and how it had examples of different classes that were going on during the weekend. They showed kick boxing, pole dancing, zumba, piloxing, motivational speeches and so much more. You did not have to sit there and watch. You could get up and move around and sweat your butt off which was awesome. Even if you did not sign up for the classes you still could get a mini lesson from the main stage. I went up to the kick boxing and boxing tent and they let me try a quick little lesson. That was tough! I never boxed with gloves on in my life. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The gloves were so heavy and I felt my upper body strength was so weak! It did make my arms sore..So I know it was a good work out. I did sign up for information to be sent because they had a gym that offered classes nearby but I am not sure if I will go or not. It is something different. I am now interesting in try new things.



So, I ended up signing up for Hip Hop but ended up showing up to this KerBoomKa class. When I got on the stage and the instructor was telling us about KerBoomKa…I had no idea what he was talking about! I was so confused because I thought I signed up for Hip Hop. I am so glad that I ended up doing the KerBoomKa class! It was a high light of the trip. KerBoomKa reminded me of Zumba but way more intense. It was faster pace (which I loved) and it felt more like a work out. I am sorry if you love Zumba..but I do not love Zumba. I find Zumba sort of slow and awkward. Maybe I have not had good experiences but I do not care for Zumba. KerBoomKa was awesome though. My legs are still sore from it right now! You do so many squats and crunches that you totally feel it the next day! I loved it and I am hooked..only problem is they are out of New York. I live two hours away but I am not going to travel to do an hour class. Maybe if I am in the area. Here is the KerBoomka website though.  I joined there mailing list and if classes do pop up near me I will not hesitate to do this again! I loved it!!

Hip Hop at Tilton Fitness was fun and goofy. Half the moves I could not do but I was not there to be on Broadway or Step It Up..I was there to work out. So you laugh and you have a good time. People worry so much that they can no do the moves. As long as you are moving, I think you are doing just fine. That class was fun because the instructor did classic hip hop and island dancing and different kinds I can not remember. It was just a lot of fun. We did a lot of squats in that class as well. I think my legs will never be the same again.

The expo was a lot of fun. I hope to go back next year. I really hope to go for both days. Now that I know what to expect I will go for both days for sure. If I could save enough money I would like to take classes with the celebrity trainers they have next year. This year they had Jillian Michael’s and Shaun.T. It would have been cool to do one of their workouts. So I hope to accomplish that for next year. I hope to maybe stay over night as well because driving and tolls burns money but a hotel room is more expensive. I have a whole year to plan. Also, I hope to go with someone next year. It was fun by myself but it would have been more fun to go with someone I know so we could laugh at how goofy we were being.



Thank you so much for having me Sweat USA AC..I can not wait for next year. This was a great experience. I bought a tank top from the expo and it is a medium. Who would have ever thought I would by a female fitted medium tank top? Not me! I hope to wear it proudly next year when you come back to AC next year!



Freshmen 15? NO THANK YOU!

When I heard Coastal Carolina University is having move in day this weekend I almost fell out of my chair. Where did you go summer? Well, summer ends earlier down in the south and looking back on it it seems right that Coastal would have move in day this weekend. College is full of many decisions and things you have to do on your own. I am dedicating this post to the Freshmen 15..hell now it can be the Freshmen 20 or 25. I do not want anyone to go through this. So even if you are not in may know someone going through this right now..Read further down and I will give you my advice.

First things first..I graduated from Coastal Carolina in 2012 with a BA in English. I only went for two years but I had an amazing time. Coastal Carolina was the full of college experiences for me because I moved over ten hours away from my family, friends and boyfriend. I was completely on my own. When I entered Coastal I was over weight and I was around 210 lbs. Yes, that was a lot of weight but I did not think it was that big of a deal.


dddd Coastal was great because I met so many new and awesome people. There were always something going on and lots of fun things. Only problem was I was on my own and I had no idea what being healthy was. Parties were ALWAYS happening and going out to a bar was a must because a lot of people were turning twenty-one around me so we had to celebrate. None of us had time to cook or were too lazy so Sonic and Moe runs were a must. I had a meal plan and I never picked ANYTHING healthy. Even though Coastal was fun I did feel home sick at time and would turn to food and drinking for comfort. I was not healthy.

180569_1909335696402_3377183_n 190275_1968773582312_5520604_n386943_2630571246840_1416675251_n309576_2557697145033_1078585343_n


When I graduated I was 232 lbs. I had a ball at Coastal but I learned nothing about being healthy on my own. I felt I some what failed but how did I know better? Things needed to change. Now I go to graduate school at Monmouth University. Things are different because I live at home and sadly I do not go out to bars or parties as much as I used to. Mostly no one has the time or money anymore. I now weigh 152 lbs and coming back home actually saved and helped my life.

So you are going to college or know anyone? Here is my advice on what I wish I did when I was away at college on my own.

1. Use your schools gym

   I did use the gym once and a while at Coastal but I did not take advantage of it like I should have. Most colleges have an amazing gym with everything that you need. It is usually opened early to late hours so an excuse of having no time is not an option.  Most of the time they even have awesome classes! Zumba and kick boxing and spinning classes!!! I never took advantage of any of this. I would give my left arm for this now because payment is your tuition! Sure you are paying for it but you are not paying out of your pocket right there. Now I count pennies to pay for my gym and spinning membership. Use the schools gym!!

2. The College Does Have Healthy Food

A lot of student have meal plans. Having a meal plan is great because you do not have to worry about food shopping or cooking. Granted most of the time colleges have either a buffet style or a quick fast food station. Just because you have a meal plan does not mean you have to get that pizza or fried chicken! The buffet style places usually have salad stations where you can build your own salad. Coastal even had a wrap station where you build your own wrap..but I was too lazy to wait in line for it. Do not be like that! Make good decisions. Think if this is really a good choice for you. Also, colleges have to have a vegetarian or gluten free option now in their food.   Go for that selection.

 If you do not have a meal plan and you have to go food shopping then made good choices and selections. Buy lots of fruits and veggies. Look for foods that are high in Fiber and Protein and less in Carbs and sugar. TV dinners may seem nice but they are really not that amazing for you. Also do not go out to eat every single meal! A drive through sounds amazing and fast but it will leave you feeling sluggish and crappy about yourself.

3. You Don’t Always Have To Drink

Yes, I know..This sounds crazy!!! How will you make friends if you are not drinking? Trust me you will make friends. Say there is a party Thursday-Sat. That is crazy amounts of bad food and drinking. Why are you out on a Thursday? Most of the time you have classes on Friday so you should be doing homework and studying! Save the parties for the weekend and maybe only drink one night in the weekend? One beer will not kill you but maybe you could nurse it for the whole time..Plus if you are underage you really should not be drinking because being caught is TEN times worse then not going to a party because you were studying. College is not about drinking.

4. Do Not Keep Food In Your Room

Now most start off in dorm rooms which this could be harder to follow but if you have a meal plan maybe food does not need to be in your room. My two years in Coastal I had a mini fridge in my room and I used to keep junk food in my desk. Do not do this! You will be up late at night trying to study but could be eating a whole jar of Nutella instead. If you need to keep food in your room then try and keep fruit instead.

5. Do Not Eat In Your Room

Just like keeping food in your room do no eat in your room! Why would you eat somewhere you sleep? Your room should be for studying, sleeping and relaxing. You should not be eating where you do these things!

6. Walk Everywhere

I wish I did this at school. I was so lazy! I wish I never drove and I walked everywhere. The walk was never long. I also went to a smaller university. If you are going to a big university I can understand walking everywhere is not reasonable. Try to walk a lot though because walking is great.

 Also, a lot of schools have bike retails. So if walking is too much see if you could ride a bike all over the campus.

7. Get A Good Nights Sleep

College is full of staying up late doing home work, studying, papers and going to events. You really should try to get a good night sleep. I know it is laughable to think you should do your home work a head of time so you do not go crazy doing it the night before. I found out if I was not rushing assignments I was sleeping better and worrying about them less. You should be sleeping in your bed at night rather then in class or in the CAFE. Sleep is very important to be healthy.

8. Join A Club or Activity

Doing something new is great because it will keep you busy. You will meet new friends and you are less likely to sit on your bed alone and cram pop tarts in your mouth. Of course if you join the Pop Tart club that may be a different story. Join a sports team or do something active. Even if you are just apart of the news paper you are still meeting new people and you are away from all the food or drinking that you could be doing. Sometimes these clubs are active and you will stay in shape along the way.

9. Take A Fitness or educational nutrition class

Take a class for credits to educate yourself about your body and about health. All majors require you to take electives. Make the best of these and educate yourself about you. I wish I took a fitness class for credits. Coastal had dancing classes and that would have been so much fun! I would have been active as well. Look at the course hand book and see what kind of classes they offer. It is nice to get credit to learn something that could help you in the future.

10. Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself

Don’t forget to treat yourself. College is supposed to be fun. You do not have to turn down every party or reject that slice of pizza. Just stay fit, healthy, and active. Do not be a lump of mush on the couch and do nothing. You should go out and have fun but just make healthy choices. Stay active and watch what you put into your bodies. Be safe and have fun!!!

I hope this post helped someone. Gaining weight will most likely happen but it does not have to happen if you make the right choices and decided to be healthy.