Transformation Tuesday


I think I am at a point at my weight loss journey where the scale is lying about what changes are happening to my body. When I look in the mirror I do not seem heavier or feel bloated but the scale seems to say I am not losing weight or I am gaining. I have to be gaining muscle. Then I have to stop and think why I am complaining about this number? I could be 232 lbs again..or I can be what I used to look like and feel. I need to learn to be happy with my progress. Why is that so hard?

I am still homeless when it comes to a gym. I canceled my Planet Fitness membership because I was never going due to boredom. Then I canceled my $65 a month membership at spinning because I could not afford it. I may just do walk ins now but $16 is a lot. Help me, I am poor! I checked out a gym with my friend last week and I liked it. Only $50 a month so it is a little cheaper and it includes everything. I need a home for working out!