The Scale and I have Broken Up!

??????????????????  I am done! Over! I am so sick of my scale. I feel like the scale if fully taking over my life and I can not stand it. I am always weighing my self. Now my mind is so messed up that I am weighing myself everyday. I am just upset because I have not lost any weight since July. Since this is the case, I feel as if the scale is mocking me. Mocking me that it keeps going up and down..up and down..or dead still. I am sick of you scale. I am more than this number and I think this number is lying. I do not feel as if I am gaining weight but muscle. I think my arms and stomach are starting to look great. I also think my legs look killer. The number is not telling the truth. Why step on something full of negativity? I sound crazy, right? Oh boy. I am tired of stepping on the scale. Starting Friday which is tomorrow..I will weigh myself and not weigh myself again until December 6. I want to see what happens. I mean even if I gain all this weight what difference does it make sense I have not lost weight and I have been on a roller coaster ride since July. What will one month do? I am going to try this out. I have nothing else to lose. The only dangerous thing to come is Thanksgiving. So we will see what will happen. I am so annoyed with my scale. I really am. I am over it.

 On another note I plan on writing a final paper in one of my classes about Weight-Watchers and the rhetoric it has. It will not be a negative paper or anything. I am actually going to be positive because Weight-Watchers has really helped me with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll post it when I am done but I think everyone will be bored of my random graduate school talk. All I can say is I had to write the paper when I found an article comparing Weight-Watchers to Foucault. Alright, I am done being a nerd.




No Scale November?

The idea of not using a scale for a whole month makes me nervous. My Mom even suggests that this maybe not the best idea because it is not the Weight Watcher program cause you should weigh in once a week unless you reached goal. I am not a Weight Watcher member so it is not a big deal..but what if I gain weight because I did not step on the scale? What if I am worse off?
Lately the scale has been taking over my entire life. It stinks. I am always worrying about it. Maybe because I have been at a stand still since July. So if I cut the scale will things be better or worse? What are your thoughts? I would love feed back.


So since doing Bob Harper’s DVD I have noticed change in my I decided to take this picture as a before picture. At the end of the month I will take another picture.
Also, awesome news..the back flab I have is almost gone! My love handles are almost gone and I am so excited. It is nice to see a change when you are working hard. This goes back to my scale problem..even though the number is staying still I am still seeing results. So this is why I am not sure if I should stay away from the scale for a while.



I love my home trainer Bob Harper. Sweat for days and feeling strong. I feel so good right now.