Scare The Scale: A DietBet Hosted by Brooke: Not On a Diet


I am excited to announce that I joined Brooke: Not on a Diet’s Dietbet called Scare the Scale. I encourage everyone to join in too!  Her Scare the Scale Dietbet  starts October 1st and ends the 28th. The last 48 hours of the bet is for weighing out. In order to join you have to put $25 into the pot. The biggest the pot the more you can win. In order to need to lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days. Right now the pot is at $1,025! The more who join the more money one can win!!

Here is a video to explain this process better.


Brooke is truly an inspiring person. Her blog Brooke: Not On a Diet is a site I read rather frequently. She has lost 172 lbs on Weight Watchers! No gimmicks..just Weight Watchers and exercise! She actually reached out to me when I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show back in May 2013.  So if it was not for my appearance, I would have never met her and learned about her blog.

You may know Brooke yourself and you do not even realize it. A couple of months ago she had controversial story where Shape Magazine was not going to post a picture of her in a bikini even though the magazine wanted celebrate her weight loss. They just did not want to celebrate it in the way Brooke wanted to. It was insane!

Brooke is very sweet and inspirational. Her blog is an amazing read. I suggest you follow Brooke: Not On a Diet right away!

Anyway, I believe you should all join Scare The Scale Dietbet! I think this is the motivation I need to really kick October in the butt with my weight loss. Yes, it costs $25 but is that not more motivation to lose weight to try and get the money back or even more? So please join! Lets make this pot bigger! We are all in this together. Have a great weekend!


Welcome September : Getting Back on Track


Well it is September and this summer went really quick. If you do not know me I work at a elementary school in a disabled preschool and I go to graduate school for my MA in English. This year at work I am a 1:1 with a three year old autistic boy and I am very excited for that. Also, this is my last semester of graduate school! I am very excited for this new school year because being back on a set schedule will help me lose weight and keep track of my health. When I was at home doing nothing, I was finding myself snacking more than I should. I need a set schedule.


This semester is dedicated to nothing but my master’s thesis. It will be a rough and I hope that the stress does not get to me. I do have a good amount of pages right I hope that things will go smoothly.


I got a second job. If you live in the New Jersey or Pennsylvania area I will be working at Night of Terror . I am super excited! Tuesday I find out where I am working. This is going to be my first acting gig in six years. I am super pumped and I know this will help me stay active rather than snack all night.


SO….I am getting back on track because my graduation is coming in January. My graduation for high school and BA makes me hate those pictures so much. Sure, you do not look like a sexy goddess in a cap and gown, but the way I feel makes me look awful. In high school I felt like I looked like a white marshmallow. I hated it so much!


What really wanted me to make a change and lose weight was my graduation for my BA. The gown was given to you by height. I should have gone longer because maybe the gown would have fit a little better. The gown was so tight on me. To this day I do not know if I screwed up or if the school I went to had crappy gowns..because their gowns were not like my brother’s graduation from college gowns. Anyway, I hated how I look. I felt huge and this is why I wanted to lose weight. The theme was a big topic when I was on The Rachael Ray Show.

You can watch the clip here.


Enough of this negative talk! Breath out the negativity and breath in the positivity! I must be positive. I will be positive, because being negative will not fix your problems. If you want have to work for it. So, if I want to look awesome for my MA graduation I need to work for it. Here is what I am going to do and if you wish to look awesome for a wedding, family function, reunion, graduation, or whatever..follow me!!



Track everything you put into your body. If you write down everything you eat and drink then you can see where you went wrong if you stayed the same or gained weight. I do Weight this really helps me for tracking. You should know what you are eating and how much.


I am a fitness nut but you should work out at least four times a week. Granted, I workout five-six times but it is my favorite hobby. Workout for a hour at the most. You may feel like you do not have time, but make time. Do you get a lunch break at work? Go for a walk. Wake up earlier or try to work out after work. Fitness is important.


Time Management is so important and I always to to manage my sleep. I try to get 8 hours a night. Some of my graduate friends think I am crazy because I do not do my work all through the night. I think they are crazy because I need my sleep. Try to get lots of sleep because it actually helps you lose weight because your body needs it.


Drink lots of water. Cut out the soda. If you drink a lot of water then you feel full and you will not snack. Also, water flushes everything out of your system.


Finally, keep yourself busy. I have a busy semester ahead of me and this will help me from snacking. Granted, you should pack lunches rather than go get fast food. FAST FOOD is only convenient..there is nothing else great about it. It burns a hole in your wallet, the food makes you feel sluggish, and it is just awful for you. Pack your own meals! But..if you keep busy and pack your own meals then you will not be a couch potatoes and eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting.


I am excited for this semester. I am ready for it!


My Trip to Mexico


Hello everyone! I am back from my wonderful trip to Mexico. Brian and I loved our trip. Mexico is an awesome place to visit. We stayed in Rivera Maya close to Playa Del Carmen. We stayed at the Iberostar at the beach side. Iberostar was such a great resort! I HIGHLY recommend staying at an Iberostar if you go away to Mexico or any Caribbean destination. The price Brian and I paid for all the stuff we got for our money was pretty awesome. We had a great time in Jamaica last year, but we paid around the same price and all the things we got here at the Iberostar, was ten times more.


So, I wrote about how I wanted to be more active on this vacation. I totally was more active on this vacation for sure! The main thing about this resort is how HUGE it is. I wore my Weight Watchers pedometer and I averaged 18,000 to 20,000 in steps a day. We did so much walking. I did not mind the walking though. I love to walk. If I was 200 plus pounds then it would be awful! I could not imagine walking this resort out of shape. I loved the walking though.


I did more activities on this trip as well. I did the bike tour which was pretty awesome. I have not been on an actual bike in years. I usually ride a stationary bike at the gym. The bike tour was us riding our bike all around the resort and looking at the different hotel lobbies. This resort has five different hotels. So to ride on a bike was an eye opener to see just how HUGE this place was. I loved riding the bike though. I kept up with the kids in our group which was cool. I did aqua aerobics  as well, which was sort of weird but fun. Also, I did ALOT of dancing!


Not only did you do a lot of dancing at the pool/pool bar but they have a night club at this resort. On Wednesday I went to their boogie night which was awesome! I am not into 70’s music at all  but when you are drinking a little bit and you actually know the music it was a lot of fun. I was dancing all around and totally got an amazing workout from all the dancing. Brian did not make it for this night, but I got to dance with their “Star Friends” and they were a lot of fun.


So, I did eat and drink a lot on this vacation but I think it was fine because I was more active. The resort does have A LOT of healthy options too. I ate so much fruit because the fruit was so good. My down fall with food was the guacamole at the resort. Brian claimed I was going to turn into an avocado with how much I was eating. Guacamole is sooo high in fat, but good fat..but the Weight Watcher points is crazy. I was piling the stuff on my plate. I loved the stuff!

100_4826 100_4895 100_4937 100_4783 100_4845


Brian and I had an amazing time. We both had a great and relaxing vacation. I am not sure how he did with his weight, but I only gained 6 lbs which is not bad at all. Like I said, I think we were so active that all the eating and drinking really did not hurt us. I had a ball at the Iberostar. I can not wait to go again. I know Brian feels the same way.


Now it is back to real life. I have started to write down and count points again. The good thing about being back is I am not hungry at all. I need to get back to the gym, but I am pretty lazy today. I am not sure if I am going today, but tomorrow I do plan on going to Zumba with my Mom in the morning. I need to get back to my original weight for my neighbors wedding in September. Other than that, I want to lose more weight for my graduation in January. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week while I was gone. It is time to be back to normal and go on with reality.





A Different Type of Vacation


Last year I went to Jamaica for the week with my wonderful boyfriend Brian. My vacation was amazing, but I do hope to have a little different type of vacation. Basically, my whole week was me laying out by the beach and drinking all the fruity/alcoholic drinks I could last year. I was not very active. So I should have not been surprised I gained 7 pounds after my vacation. The only active things I did on the vacation was snorkeling and climbing The Dunns River Falls.



My vacation last year was awesome! It was an amazing adventure, because I was away with my awesome boyfriend Brian and I was out of the country for the first time.


Well, Brian and I are going to Mexico on Sunday. I hope that this vacation is a little different where I do not sit around like a lazy bum all day and stuff myself. Granted, I do want to do this, but not all day. I want to be more active. Our Jamaica resort had a lot of activities, but I never took advantage of it.


The following things I want to do to stay active are:

1.) The Bike Tours. They have a bike tour at our resort and I am VERY interested in this. The only bike I have been on recently has been my spin bike. I want to actually ride a bike around the grounds. I love riding a bike and why not do it on vacation?


2.) Water Aerobics. Why on earth would I not do this? I love being in the water and I would be outside in the sun. So I should work out in the pool. Water aerobics is one of the best workouts you could do because of all the resistance in the water.

3.) Zumba or Salsa Lessons. Why not? I do zumba at home and why not try to learn to dance differently in Mexico? It could be a lot of fun.

4.) Archery. I want to do archery in the worst way! I did it back in high school and I was pretty awesome at it. I want to see if I am still good at it. I think it is so cool they have archery on the grounds.


5.) Anything that seems interesting. I know this sounds dumb. I am not sure what else they have to truly offer at the resort. I am willing to try anything new or different since my weight loss. If I see something on the activities board I am willing to try it. I am not afraid to try anything new.




Brian and I leave on Sunday! We are highly excited and can not wait. I will most likely post before that. Enjoy the rest of your week!




One year ago today I created this blog off of I have been writing/losing weight since 2012, but it has been one year since I created this blog. I used (and somewhat still use) Tumblr when I first started my weight loss journey. Once I was on The Rachael Ray Show and saw how much traffic I was getting on there, I decided to create a new outlet. So..HAPPY ONE YEAR! It has been a rough and rocky one with my weight loss, but I am determined to keep going. Thank you everyone for reading!! There is no signs of me slowing down.



My Curse of Craving Food and Other Things

So lately I have been craving food. I have been craving food more than ever and it is rather annoying. I want crunchy and salty foods and I do not know why. When I watch television I have the urge to have my mouth moving at all times which makes me not watch television much anymore. I find myself chewing lots of gum lately. Also, when I have the urge to eat I will go out for a walk or go to the gym. I also go up to my room and read or work on my Master’s Thesis. I am not sure why I have the urge to eat all the time lately. What do you all do to fight the urge to binge eat?


Here is a list I found on Pinterest of helpful advice to avoid over eating and bingeing. I do most of this stuff already, but my main problem is I need to stay away from the food. Now, I do not mean stop eating meals but I need to stop grabbing food I SHOULD NOT be eating. Example: I grab a box of cereal and was eating most of the box while watching TV at 3 in the afternoon. This is ridiculous.


My other problem is people sabotaging my weight loss. I believe I spoke of this once before and it is also ridiculous. Why do people guilt me into eating? I have an addiction. I am addicted to food. If you were around a drug user or alcoholic would you offer them their substance of choice?  It is the same thing. So please do not guilt me into having this or that. If I say NO, it means I do not want any. If you keep bugging me; then I feel bad and I will eat. Do not be one of these people. It rather upsets me. Do anyone else have this problem?


On other news, I want to do the night time Color Run in Philadelphia on October 18th, but I may not be able. I am excited and disappointed at the same time why. In a week and a half I am auditioning for Night of Terror which is a very popular horror attraction in my area. It has appeared on television such as the HGTV network and has been voted best attraction in South Jersey a couple of years. I am excited, because I have not had the courage to audition for something like this in a long time. My problem is I can not do the Color Run at night if I am working Night of Terror. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you should sign up here. It looks like a lot of fun!





Does anyone know of any quirky or fun 5ks? I am not really into running and I feel in order to do so, the 5k has to be quirky or fun. I have actually been looking  into doing a Mud Run, but all the ones in my area are over..for now. I also feel like I have to train for such a run. Has anyone ever done a mud run or some type of obstacle run? Please let me know.


I hope everyone has a healthy and safe week. Remember that weight loss is not a race. Remember exercise means  a lot for weight loss. You do not have to be like me. Going for a walk can help you out a great deal. Have a great week!



I Lost 7 lbs in 7 Weeks




I started being detailed and consistent on Weight Watchers again seven weeks ago. I was 165 lbs. I weighed myself this morning and now I am 158. Seven pounds!! I am so excited, but it is so interesting how much harder it is to lose the weight when you are not over 200 lbs.  When I read through my journal for WW, I did notice that my hypothesis on the summer season is really hard to lose weight is true. Every weekend but one when I started I had one or two events that have bad or tempting food. This weekend coming up is the first weekend in four weeks where I have nothing planned on my weekend. No BBQ or Bridal Shower. I have to say..I did pretty well for these events. I still counted my points and wrote EVERYTHING down that I put into my mouth.


I found a really cool picture on PINTEREST from Slap Dash Mom where it lists all the 0 Point Plus Foods on Weight Watchers. Remember…eating these foods may be 0 points, but if you eat so much of these foods it can still make you gain weight. This is food when you want something to eat or want to add more to your meals. Just remember to use this wisely.

Well, I go to Mexico with my wonderful boyfriend in over three weeks. I hope to lose at least 3 lbs. I think I am nervous because I plan to be a little “crazy” on vacation. It is an all inclusive place and I spent a lot of money to go. So…point counting is not going to happen. I do plan to be more active on the vacation though. Also, I read that the resort is huge and you will be doing ALOT of walking. Wish me luck!