Transformation Tuesday: The Timehop App is the best Invention Ever

 I love the app Timehop. When I am down and feeling low I always look at this app. This app always shows how much I have accomplished. Not just weight loss but everything. Like fashion sense or a freakin hair style that did not hide my face. It is also cool to look at the app and go..”Oh! I did that this many years ago?!”  

 If you do not have the app I really recommend you get it. It is free and I look at it everyday. 


Transformation Tuesday


I have not really posted in a while. I apologize for this. I will have to post something really soon about the things I am doing. Right now I am showing off another transformation. I was not even going to do one but the before picture popped into my TimeHop app. I had to share.

Have a great day.