Progress Not Perfection


I did Weigh myself this Friday and ironically I did lose 1 pound but I am still not at the weight I was at in July though. As soon as I was done I wrote this on a sticky note and placed it on my scale. Technically Dec 6 is not a month but I decided to maybe try and weigh myself the first Friday of every month. I will see what will happen with this of course. It seems just like with everything..weight loss is a trial and error and a hypothesis of random stuff.

meee If you live under a rock or you have just found my is important to know that I am a huge Bob Harper fan. I watch the Biggest Loser every week and I am always doing his work out dvds. Everyone loves Jillian or Shaun.T from Insanity..Well, I am a Harper fan. Team Bob all the way! It is ironic that my brother took this picture of me doing one of his DVDs and I am wearing blue. I do not joke around. Anyway, I was watching. The Biggest Loser on Tuesday. It was the Halloween episode. Not too into the whole eating a lot of candy segment because I felt that it was cruel…an then I thought that they would throw a pie in there and of course they did! It makes for good TV. Anyway, the part that struck me with this episode was when the blue team went to see Bob and all the Cross Fit ladies were there. I these women look fierce and so in shape. They look awesome. What registered with me was the fact that these ladies are not 130 lbs. They stated they were around 160. This blew me away. Muscle…Muscle makes you look awesome.

bob That is what that segment was about.  Holley is trying to learn that she is trying to burn the fat away and not the muscle. She still can be strong. Well, I want to be strong too. I do not want to weigh 130 lbs and look skinny and weak. I do not want to be weak but strong. So, why keep worrying about this number on the scale? I want progress and not perfection. I want to be healthy rather than look sickly. This has opened my eyes so much and I feel that I have had a..”Well, DUH Jackie!” moment. I am so worried about losing this weight and having this certain number and it should not be about that. No offense to my brother and my Mom but they lost a lot of weight but they do not look strong to me. The just look skinny. Nothing is wrong with that but I do not want to just look skinny. I want to look strong. Creating muscle will do this. Now, I am not saying I am going to start lifting  until I am so jacked. I still want to look like a woman and according to the picture above..They look like women to me. They look like strong incredible women.

 So, I am going to stick to what I am doing. I do need to learn to not give in to snacking. I am having a problem with doing this lately. I will work my ass off all day and then I will start eating something stupid like cereal out of the box or chips. I need to stop doing this. I can still live though. Yesterday, I did so bad. I worked my ass off though with my work outs. We went to this awesome bar in Philadelphia called Barcade and they have craft beers and awesome food. I should have gone for the healthy choice but how can you say no to a pulled pork and Mac & cheese sandwich. I paid for it today but I worked my ass off again with my work out. So, I can still live..but I want to live for a purpose rather than sitting on my couch and munch away on cereal or chips on my couch.

 Even though the scale is not showing me progress I know the progress is there. I am noticing a difference every week as I keep working out and trying to be healthier. My confidence is better too. Yesterday I went clothes shopping and created this awesome outfit. I hated wearing sweaters in the past but now I feel confident and awesome in them. Knowing that I have worked hard for what I looked like now is just a great reward. The progress is there. I may not look perfect but who does? I am happy with how I look and that is all that matters. friday


Alright, I am done for now. I have pushed back my graduate studies long enough. Just an update my professor liked my Weight-Watchers paper topic but I am under the impression that he thinks I am going to take a negative approach with the topic. I am not. So, we will see how this goes.


Watch The Rachael Ray Show on August 26.



Hey everyone! I found out that they are rearing the Rachael Ray episode I was in on Monday..August 26. Check your local listings because I am not sure what channel or time the show airs in other states or cities. The episode originally aired on April 29th. I got to sit at Rachael Rays table and meet Bob Harper. It was a great experience. Since the episode I have lost 20 more pounds. I have been working very hard to get to my weight loss goal. My life did change since Rachael Ray. I have met so many great people with inspiring weight loss stories.

So please watch The Rachael Ray show on August 26. I will sadly be out of the country and be limited to internet access but I still have the episode recorded on my DVR. Thank you everyone!