I Lost 8.5 Lbs on the One Week Cleanse!

 I believe the cleanse paid off! I lost 8.5 lbs in one week. I am thrilled. I did not do this cleanse because I wanted to lose weight in one week though. I did this cleanse to jump start my system and stop my cravings. 

 Yesterday I was allowed vegetables and fruit juice. The thing is I do not agree with fruit juice. Why? Fruit juice is full of sugar. Sugar makes you bloated and contain water weight. I tried to stay away from sugar during my cleanse.

 So instead of fruit juice I only had fruit for breakfast. I had veggies the rest of the day. I even went out with my boyfriend Brian to Salad Works and created my own. I did not eat it with dressing which was odd but I did it. 

 I have to be honest I am glad this is over. I am craving crabs and protein. I could never be a vegetarian. All power to you guys if you are. Granted I had no carbs this week either so maybe that would make things easier. I am just happy I can eat carbs and protein again. I do not seem to crave sugary things like dessert. We shall see what happens.

 I am posting this because I noticed I posted a different one earlier. If you want to try what I did this is the program I followed. The other one had a lot of chicken and turkey and I felt that was not a great cleanse for me. So if you have any questions hit me up with a comment. 

 This was NOT easy and it took a lot of will power. Also if you have illnesses or other things talk to your doctor first. This program is a lot on you. I felt myself being tired ALOT during this program because I had no protein in my body. So I suggest if you have to take medication or you have other things speak to a professional first. Do not listen to this twenty something girl from New Jersey.

 Now..excuse me while I devour this delicious English muffin filled with turkey bacon, egg, and cheese. Six points on Weight Watchers. Notice the blue berries..I am still eating my fruits even though I may turn into one after this week. =)


A Much Needed Update

I have not updated on here in a while. I apologize for this. The last couple of weeks in June were crazy. I was working multiple jobs and I traveled to California with Brian and his family. 

 I never been to California before and it was truly amazing. We went to Scaramento, Chico, San Fransisco, LA, Culver City, and San Dieago. I did a lot of walking and even went on a hike. While I was out there I even got to see my twin brother who moved out there a few months ago.

 Before I went there I was 170 lbs. I was so happy about my accomplishments before going. Well..this trip was designed for going to different breweries and of course you eat poorly..then Fourth of July weekend happened. When I weighed myself today..I am 181 lbs. ugh…I am so annoyed with myself.

 All I can do is try to get back on track. I worked out today and ate healthy. I am just annoyed of this constant struggle. I do not plan on going anywhere else this summer and if I do it is like a night or two stay.

I need to stay focused..

Losing 20 lbs in Three Weeks

Yikes! Where have I been? My last blog post was May 5th and it is almost June. No, I did not die..I just stopped posting. Why? I was not losing weight and I lost my motivation. I kept gaining weight and my workouts were ending. Once I was 152 lbs and now I am at 175 lbs. I have gained over twenty pounds. Do not get me wrong..I did not gain it over night. I actually gained it in the course of two years. I just could not seem to get my weight back down. Last summer I was around 158 to 162 and I was fine with that. I thought, “Maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be.” I thought..I am still working out and being somewhat healthy, but I can indulge here and there. I was fine…until…LIFE happened.

If you are aware a lot of major changes happened in my life the last couple of months. Since January I graduated with my MA in English, I left my old job and gained five jobs..where one will be my dream job in the fall, I still have no health insurance, and my brother moved all the way to California where I live in New Jersey. Remember..he is my twin. So a lot has happened and I do not do well with change. I miss my old job with having co-workers, I liked health insurance, and I actually miss school. My five jobs are fine but I am missing what I used to have. Since I miss and stress..I eat. So in the course of a few months I gained almost ten pounds.


(The one on the left is from last year in May and the one on the right is this year.)

I got relaxed with going to convenience stores and buying candy..drinking more, and going out to eat. I stopped counting points/calories and just did not care because I was mindlessly eating. Since I was eating and gaining weight I started to loath working out. I started to feel sluggish. Insanity which I used to enjoy made me feel sick and I started to hate it for I felt I could not keep up. My workouts started to twiddle down.

Then the talking happened..people asking me if I am still “ON WEIGHT WATCHERS” or over hearing people talking about how I must of stopped. My worst fear has come true..people were talking about ME and my weight in a negative way again. Of course…I should not care and be like, “Who the hell are you to talk about me like that?” but it hurts and it reminds me of high school. No one wants to be around the fat girl. Trust me..I lived through it. It took me five times to ask someone to be my prom date and it was due to my weight.

So, I am here. I am going to try. You know what I am going to do about it? Two words…



I am going to practice his JumpStart to Skinny. I am going to give it a try. I received this book when I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show back in 2013. I have to be honest..I read the book but I did not think the book was for me. This program is not for everyone. The program is a 3-Week plan to lose 20 lbs quickly. IT IS NOT A LIFE CHOICE. This program is for important events such as a wedding, reunion, vacation, and ect..I am going away in the end of June. I am scared to death I will gain even more weight. Also, none of my clothes fit. Even though I have five jobs, I still have no money to go out and buy all these things. I just need motivation and confidence and I think this program will work.

So I am going to do my best to practice all of his steps in this program. I will do the best that I can. I do admit that I will not be doing his meal preps. I have my own ideas for meal preps. I did rejoin Weight Watchers at the end of April and I plan on sticking with that still. I do plan to follow his rules the best that I can.


Rule #1: Take Control with Proper Portions 

This is a no brainier. We all eat the wrong portion sizes. Just look at going to a restaurant. The portion sizes are crazy. I have to say I am not terrible with taking control with portions..when I am not lazy. I have been measuring a lot of stuff out lately but I need to take more focus on it.

Rule #3: Cut Back on Calories: Then Cut Back Again

Bob suggests that I eat 800 calories a day. That is really not a lot. As crazy as it  sounds..it can be done. I did the math with Weight Watchers. I found many sites that say that 1 Weight Watcher point = 40 calories. I am not sure how correct this is but I have seen this is numerous web sites. So I am allowed 26 points but it turns out that it is still TOO much for Mr. Harper. I would have to eat 20 points to have it equal 800 calories. 20 points is not a lot and it is very tough but if you plan ahead of time..it can be done. So for the next three weeks I will need to plan my meals ahead of time and NO SNACKS!!

Rule #3: Eat No Complex Carbs After Breakfast

I can do this. This seems pretty easy. I am not a pasta kind of girl so I will not miss spaghetti.

Rule #4: Get Rid of Water Weight by Drinking More Water

I am SOOO bad at this one. For some reason I never drink enough water. Bob Harper wants me to drink two large glasses of water before every meal and make sure I drink a total of 80 ounces a day. GOOD LORD…I will be in the bathroom every twenty minutes. My problem is I can not do this while substitute teaching. So I will do the best I can with drinking 80 ounces a day. I do agree I need to drink more water..

Rule #5: Get Your Electrolytes

I must admit that I never did this before…until I read this rule. Electrolytes is in fruits and veggies! Not sports drinks. I am the fruit and veggie queen!

Rule #6: Do 45 Minutes a Day of Low-Intensity Cardio, Preferably Before Breakfast

Here is the thing..I can not workout before breakfast. Here is how crazy I am. Ever since I was a little kid, when I woke up I HAD to eat something. My stomach will grumble and I will feel sick until I eat something. Also, I never have time in the morning. I usually wake up to my phone ringing for a sub job and I usually have to get ready quickly for it. As for working out 45 minutes a day..I can do that.

Rule #7: Five Times a Week at Any Time of Day, Do 15 to 20 Minutes of my Jumpstart Moves

This is pretty interesting. In his book he has some moves like Sit-ups,mountain climbers,lateral jumps,high-knee tucks,jump rope, burpees, and many many more.Now I could do one of these moves for 15 minutes before work.I will just wake up earlier to do this. 45 minutes is harder for me. I love the workouts he includes in the book.

Rule #8: Cut the Salt

Now I am pretty good at this one. Salt is awful because it makes you retain water..if you retain water..you then gain weight.

Rule #9: Take Advantage of the Restorative Power of Daily Fish Oil

Erm..I am not sure about this one. I know nothing about fish oil.


Rule # 10: Fall Back on Veggies!

Again, this is easy. I love Veggies.

Rule # 11: No Fruit During Week 3

Say whaaaaaaat?! I LOVE FRUIT! I eat an apple every morning. After reading the chapter it did make sense. Fruit has  fructose and fructose is something that “skews our metabolism toward fat storage rather than fat burning” (Harper 39). So it makes sense. I do not think a apple that week will kill me but I may try to cut down on the fruit for that week for what he says in the chapter makes sense.

Rule #12: Lay Off All Booze

For the love of God..get me away from this stuff. I am a firm believer booze is why I gained this much weight. I can lay off the booze until my vacation. I know I can.

Rule #13: An Espresso a Day…or Two or Three

I have never had an espresso. I drink coffee in the morning though. Bob Harper tells us it is supposed to be taken black and with no artificial sweetener. I do drink my coffee black but I have to admit I use sweeteners..which I know are bad for you. Maybe instead of drinking the espresso..I will stick to coffee but try something else to make it sweet.

So here we have it…all the rules. Again, the book has meal plans which seem great but I am starting this tomorrow and I do not have the time (another excuse) to go out and buy things. So I am sticking to Weight Watchers and my 20 points a day. I have a meal plan of my own written out where I am following all these rules. Maybe I will post it in the future.

I am nervous..I really want this to work. I need to get my mind out of the gutter and really work for this. Bob Harper..you helped me once before..I know you can help me again.


Wish me luck..


Ten Weeks To Get On Track


 Yesterday I had a nice birthday. It felt more like Easter but that is what happens when the day falls on it. I am also twenty-six so big exciting birthdays do not happen anymore. It was still nice.


 Brian and his family bought me a Fitbit and so far I love it!! I have always wanted one. Since I started subsitute teaching I am always wondering how many steps I have been taking. I think it will keep me on track on how I am doing as well.

 It may not seem like it but since a year and a half I have gained twenty pounds. My lowest weight ever was the summer of 2013 where I was 152 lbs. I would do anything to be that weight again. I know I can do it but my bad habits have gotten in the way. Now I am 172 lbs.


 At the end of June I was invited by Brian’s family to take a trip of a lifetime. I was invited to go to California. We are not just going to LA, but we are traveling all off to San Fransicso, San Dieago, Nappa Valley, and many other places. I would have never had the opportunity for this trip if it was not for Brian’s family and I am blessed. I also get to visit my brother who is moving out there…but that is another post.


 Since we are going the end of June I did the math. I have 10 weeks to get on track. 10 weeks is a long time to get back to healthy choices. I read some articles that it is easy to lose 20 lbs in ten weeks but I will cut it in half. If I can lose ten pounds by the time we go to California I will be happy. Ten pounds is a lot to me and a great start. Ten pounds will have my clothes fit again and make me feel confident. I just need to work hard again…and so the following..

Do not skip workouts

 My rest days are usually Tuesday and Fridays. In the future I may not be able to workout for I am working two jobs so I will make sure I will work out on those days if I can not workout others. I must only have two rest days.

Eat out once a week

 I am usually good at this but some weeks I do it more.

Stop going into Wawa

I love Wawa..it is amazing. It is destroying me though. I go into Wawa and it is never good choices. No more Wawa..except for gas.

Stop drinking

I have been getting to relaxed with drinking. I have learned to appreciate craft beer. Beer is so bad for you. I am relaxing with drinking. Two weeks from now I have a beer festival so I will still go. I just need to figure out other weeks and maybe take it easy.

Stop snacking

 I find anything in my house and I will just snack on it. Cereal..cheese..anything. Just random stuff. 

Stay positive 

I need my positive attitude back. I seem really hard on myself. If I stay the same or gain weight it is my fault but I have to try better.

 I have ten weeks and I can do it. I just need to work hard at it. I can do this.


Workout for a Charity 

 Today I was excited to workout for a charity. I did a spin class for two hours for Autism Awareness. I did this because most of this school year I was a 1:1 for a three year old with autism. I worked with other children with autism as well and I spun for almost 40 miles and burned 1,334 calories for them. I like to workout for a reason and if the reason is for a charity that is completely worth it.

  My advice to you is to find a cause that means a lot to you. If you research it nine times out of ten you will find some kind of healthy workout you can do to help for the cause. The popular method is a 5K. These times of events are awesome but tend to get boring. 

 When I found out  Fuel Fitness in Sicklerville,NJ was hosting a Autism Awareness event for spinning I jumped onto the chance. They had three classes and I wanted to do all three but I want to help the cause…not die. It has been years since I did a double and I did well. Maybe next time.

  So go out there and find a healthy event for a cause you are passionate in.  I promise they are out there. You will feel amazing.


Working Out When It Is Cold Outside

Someone just gave me a article from Fix.com. The article is titled “Heating Up in the Cold: Workout Safety in Cooler Temps” and I found this information to be very insightful for my readers.


Working out in the cold is something I usually never do but after reading this I may consider it. I am so tired of being stuck inside all the time. This article is very helpful for safety for newbies like me who want to get out of the house and workout.

I really liked the parts that told you what to wear when working out outside. If I did not read this I would bundle up like I was going to a snow blizzard.


I also love they tell you signs of frost bite and hypothermia. This is always a fear of mine. I feel like this should be common sense but I think we always forget about these things.

They also explore things you must do while working out outside too. Stay with day light, go with a group, and more. Who ever thought you needed to wear sun screen in winter? I never thought of this.

I feel this article was written very well especially if you know nothing about this subject. I enjoyed the pictures they used as well. The whole article is clear and easy to understand. It was an enjoyable read and I suggest to read it!!

As for me..I am so tired of working out inside. I miss the warm weather. The cold is really bringing me down. The cold hurts my face and joints..


I hope spring comes sooner!


My Boyfriend Has Lost Over 50 lbs


I am so proud of my boyfriend. He has lost over 50 lbs. His dedication and commitment to losing weight and being healthy is amazing. I look up to his motivation and mind set right now. I have seemed to lost what he has. He is my inspiration right now.
I am so proud he has decided to live a healthier life. I want him to be healthy and to feel good about himself.
I noticed changes too. He seems to have more energy and he does not snore really loud in his sleep. He looks slimmer especially in his face. Also his pants are SOOO baggy. He also watches what he orders at restaurants. I am so happy for him.




Three cheers for Brian!! I hope he reaches his goal. Also I hope I have a gym partner soon! =P