Have you Hugged A Graduate Student Lately?

So, I have been silent lately due to my graduate studies. I just finished my thesis development and I felt highly satisfied with it. The process was a pain, but not a bigger pain then my other two classes. Right now I am trying to process a paper that I feel is total garbage. This whole semester has been stressful and it shows in my routine. Due to my long commute, my long assignments, my hours at work, and just all this stress my diet is showing it. Granted, I have stayed the same weight every week for the last four weeks and that is not a bad thing, but I still kick myself because I have been stress eating! Not even eating, but drinking too.

I have been doing so well during the day with eating healthy and counting my Weight Watcher points but at night I shove food into my mouth like it is going to be stolen from me. I am so annoyed with myself.   I only have two weeks left of graduate school and even though I wanted to be skinny for the summer, I will live with trying to get back on track for the summer. I am going to do different things and I hope I can keep these promises.

First, I am going to try and eat five small meals a day. I am noticing my meals are way too big and I eat only three big meals. This concept is not helping me because I am finding myself getting hungry quicker after my meals.  Of course I need to stop snacking. I need to stop sitting their and shoving snack after snack into my mouth. I need to learn to do other things beside watching T.V as well. Maybe go for a walk or clean my room/car. I need to stop SNACKING!!! ugh..



I want to try this because I always want to do CrossFit, but I do not have the money for it. This is awesome because you do not need equipment and it looks like awesome workouts.


I also, wish to do some type of ab challenge, because I feel like my core could be better. I bought a lot of shirts this summer that could show my stomach depending if I stretch high enough. I also feel like I do not do enough with my abs. My legs and arms look great, but my abs could be better.


I also feel like my plank ability is awful. I have no upper body strength and when I do my kick boxing class, I can not do a plank to save my life. I feel like this challenge will help me. I am not sure about five minute planks, but to get to 1 minute that would be awesome.


I know I have come a long way and I beat myself up, but I feel like I have more to lose. Sometimes I feel like I am people’s support group. People message me questions and are always asking for advice, and that is fine but sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to.  I have to stay positive and just get pass this speed bump.



The Problems of Weight Loss

The reason I have not been posting is for two reasons. 1.) Graduate school is taking over my life. I am always reading, writing, and researching. It is consuming everything out of me. But mostly 2.) I am me embarrassed to write anything. 152 lbs? That is a lie. How about we try when I weighed myself the start of the month and it said I was 168 lbs.
I am so upset with my self. I am embarrassed to even have a weight loss blog. I feel that I have become out of control with my eating and I can not stop it. I find myself snacking like crazy and eating when I am not hungry. I find myself not writing what I am not eating and just not caring. I do care but my thoughts have gone back to my old ways. I am heavier now then when I met Bob Harper. I am so upset with myself.
This is such a huge struggle for me and I guess this journey will always be. I always feel guilty after I eat something now. I work my ass off at the gym but then I ruin if later. I feel like I am a disappointment. I feel like my clothes do not fit. I feel all this negative energy and stress and I am really sorry. I think I will not post for a while..Not until I get my act together. I am so upset with myself.


Merry Fitness and Have A Happy New Rear

Season’s greetings on my new laptop that will not break down on me or explode while using. I am great full for my new laptop because I have my thesis development coming up this semester and I really needed a laptop that would function very well for all my research and writing. I did receive my grades this semester and all my hard work paid off. I am very pleased.

This Christmas was a little rough with all the junk and high fatty foods…and drinking. Sunday is m family Christmas. It is a ugly Christmas sweater theme and I have a awesome outfit planned..but since it is families getting together then there will be bad food. Then Brian and I are going out for NYE with a couple of people. We are going to a catering hall, dressing up, drinking, dancing and going to have a blast. I am just nervous about all these new events. I really don’t know how my body is going to be after all this. All I can do is work out and try to make the right choices. I want to look awesome for NYE and I plan on going out tomorrow for the most amazing NYE dress. I am just afraid nothing is going to fit me. I wanted to buy something that was more fitted to my body but I may go for something that flows. I am not sure.

So..how was everyone’s Christmas? Did anyone receive anything that was for health or fitness? I really did not get anything actually. I did not ask for anything for Christmas though..so I can not complain. I did get two Biggest Loser books that are cook books and what not…So that will be cool to read. I also did get Just Dance for the Wii. I totally forgot about that video game and it was a way I used to get my work outs. I am excited to play that game. Did anyone receive anything good? I really need new sneakers and sport bras..but I need to buy them on my own. Brian did buy me a pair of UGGS..but that has nothing to do with fitness! haha!

I love the holidays so much. I wish fatty foods was something that did not have to be around but sometimes you just have to take a breath and enjoy the things around you. I decided to show a picture of me from Christmas EVE 2012 and Christmas EVE this year. Have a great day, guys!!




Work Out Mania!


I am so happy to be done with graduate school this semester. It was very stressful. I am still waiting for my grades though..I have so much free time now so have no idea what to do with it.
I really love my new gym, Healthtrax! I love doing the classes but I also love the equipment they have. Where else can I work out and watch Dead Poets Society on my own personal TV? I really enjoy the Zumba classes and yoga is something I am trying to get used to. The spin classes are great but I enjoy trying new things. I really want to do a aqua class or Aqua Zumba soon but I may be the youngest one there. Oh well!
I am glad I enjoy where I work out because my eating habits are so bad. I have not been writing my points down..at all. Last week I ate out so much and today I ate so many sweets due to my Mom baking. I know it is the holidays but I want to still be good. Plus I need to fit into a awesome New Years Eve dress this year! So I need to cut the sweets! I have been working out hard though. Oh holidays…you are stressful! Not really..I love christmas!




‘Tis The Season To Gain Weight..



 Holy mother of bad food. This season is serious folks and I have lost all my self control! haha..Well, not really but I am not being as good as last year. It is tough! I feel popular this year as well and I am being invited to all these different events. Saturday I was out with my boyfriends family and I ate the best (but worst thing for my body) and today my grandfather came over for dinner and my Mom actually cooked red meat. Tuesday I have a cookie party to go to at graduate school. Wednesday is a luncheon at work. Wednesday night I am going to a restaurant with a bunch of my graduate classmates and professor. Saturday Michael and I are going to a Christmas party where Tony Luke’s will be served. Then Christmas eve and Christmas!!! UGH!!!

 I know you should live and enjoy the Holiday’s but this is just crazy! My body will not be able to handle all this. I will try my best to make the best choices I can. In the mean time I am working out. I do plan to work out more this week because some of these events I do not have to be at right away. So..I am working out like crazy. I know once the semester is over and the holidays are done..things will go back to normal. I do not believe in New Years Resolutions..but I know once the new year starts then I will go back on track. Rigt now it is tough. So I will try and have a couple of cookies and maybe try to eat a slice of pizza..no alcoholic drinks this week and save them for Christmas. I will try my best to make good choices but learn to live and love the family and friends I am with during the holidays. I better find my fat pants.



Joining A New Gym


I am so excited for two reasons. One reason is my blog has been blowing up. The views have been crazy. I am not sure what is happening but I find it awesome. Thank you for everyone viewing my blog the last couple of days.

I am excited to say my Mom and I joined a new gym. We joined Healthtrax. We are excited because it has a lot of different things we are looking for. They have classes, a pool, circuit training and personal training. I am excited to get back on the swing of things. I am going to set up my first trainer session on Saturday. I would like to hear from someone things I need to do to help sculpt my body. My Mom and I are also taking Zumba on Sunday. So, this is exciting for a change. I have high hopes for joining a gym like this. I hope this will get me back on track.


The Scale and I have Broken Up!

??????????????????  I am done! Over! I am so sick of my scale. I feel like the scale if fully taking over my life and I can not stand it. I am always weighing my self. Now my mind is so messed up that I am weighing myself everyday. I am just upset because I have not lost any weight since July. Since this is the case, I feel as if the scale is mocking me. Mocking me that it keeps going up and down..up and down..or dead still. I am sick of you scale. I am more than this number and I think this number is lying. I do not feel as if I am gaining weight but muscle. I think my arms and stomach are starting to look great. I also think my legs look killer. The number is not telling the truth. Why step on something full of negativity? I sound crazy, right? Oh boy. I am tired of stepping on the scale. Starting Friday which is tomorrow..I will weigh myself and not weigh myself again until December 6. I want to see what happens. I mean even if I gain all this weight what difference does it make sense I have not lost weight and I have been on a roller coaster ride since July. What will one month do? I am going to try this out. I have nothing else to lose. The only dangerous thing to come is Thanksgiving. So we will see what will happen. I am so annoyed with my scale. I really am. I am over it.

 On another note I plan on writing a final paper in one of my classes about Weight-Watchers and the rhetoric it has. It will not be a negative paper or anything. I am actually going to be positive because Weight-Watchers has really helped me with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll post it when I am done but I think everyone will be bored of my random graduate school talk. All I can say is I had to write the paper when I found an article comparing Weight-Watchers to Foucault. Alright, I am done being a nerd.