The Scale and I have Broken Up!

??????????????????  I am done! Over! I am so sick of my scale. I feel like the scale if fully taking over my life and I can not stand it. I am always weighing my self. Now my mind is so messed up that I am weighing myself everyday. I am just upset because I have not lost any weight since July. Since this is the case, I feel as if the scale is mocking me. Mocking me that it keeps going up and down..up and down..or dead still. I am sick of you scale. I am more than this number and I think this number is lying. I do not feel as if I am gaining weight but muscle. I think my arms and stomach are starting to look great. I also think my legs look killer. The number is not telling the truth. Why step on something full of negativity? I sound crazy, right? Oh boy. I am tired of stepping on the scale. Starting Friday which is tomorrow..I will weigh myself and not weigh myself again until December 6. I want to see what happens. I mean even if I gain all this weight what difference does it make sense I have not lost weight and I have been on a roller coaster ride since July. What will one month do? I am going to try this out. I have nothing else to lose. The only dangerous thing to come is Thanksgiving. So we will see what will happen. I am so annoyed with my scale. I really am. I am over it.

 On another note I plan on writing a final paper in one of my classes about Weight-Watchers and the rhetoric it has. It will not be a negative paper or anything. I am actually going to be positive because Weight-Watchers has really helped me with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll post it when I am done but I think everyone will be bored of my random graduate school talk. All I can say is I had to write the paper when I found an article comparing Weight-Watchers to Foucault. Alright, I am done being a nerd.



Clothes Shopping Makes Everything Better

I had work off today and I got paid early. This means one thing..I went clothes shopping! I have no fall/winter clothing. All my clothing from last year are so big so I needed new things. I went on a huge shopping spree and it was a great experience. Even though the scale says I have lost no weight I have lost something. My jeans are down one size. I am a size 10 now! I hope to soon be a size 8. To be a 10 is amazing though. I used to wear a size 24. Also I found out I am a size small in Walmart sweat pants. I wear Walmart sweat pants to work and I have been wearing a large. No wonder why I felt homeless!
Not only did I buy pants but I bought some cute long sleeved shirts. I think I am ready for the colder weather. I will add more and more but I have a good collection right now.


I also bought this! It was a great deal for four workouts. I am excited to try this. I will have to wait for the weekend though due to class and work. Has anyone tried this DVD? Is it any good?


Confidence is the Best Clothing

Well driving to graduate school I just passed the local mall. I was thinking how I would love to go to that mall one day. This is funny because in the past I would have never wished to go to the mall!
When I was 80 lbs heavier I hated clothes shopping. I was twenty-three years old and I still had clothing from senior year. The idea of clothes shopping made me sick to my stomach. Do not get me wrong..Plus size clothing stores like Torrid are great but they never seen to cater for short 5’1 women. Nothing ever fit me tall length and my boobs were not existing in plus size clothes. These clothes never fit! I gave up all together. I never felt good about myself and my confidence was real low.

Now my life is completely different. I love to go clothes shopping (when I have money..that is another story.) and I feel confident in what I buy. I have learned that I love Old Navy and Aeropastale. I could spend hours in there. Also I love Plato’s Closet because it has cheap clothing and they are so cute!
Since the weight loss I wear different types of clothing too. I actually own dresses. I love to dress up and look cute. I feel like I try with my appearance now. I used to go out with Brian and not care what I looked like. Now I have the confidence to care what I actually look like.

What are your favorite clothing stores? Maybe I will check it out if I never shopped there. Is there something you wear now due to your weight loss? I would love to hear!



Watch The Rachael Ray Show on August 26.



Hey everyone! I found out that they are rearing the Rachael Ray episode I was in on Monday..August 26. Check your local listings because I am not sure what channel or time the show airs in other states or cities. The episode originally aired on April 29th. I got to sit at Rachael Rays table and meet Bob Harper. It was a great experience. Since the episode I have lost 20 more pounds. I have been working very hard to get to my weight loss goal. My life did change since Rachael Ray. I have met so many great people with inspiring weight loss stories.

So please watch The Rachael Ray show on August 26. I will sadly be out of the country and be limited to internet access but I still have the episode recorded on my DVR. Thank you everyone!



This Brick Wall Will Not Break..



I am a little frustrated this week. I stepped on the scale and I remained the same. Yes, I know a scale should not define me and I am more then just a number but COME ON! I worked my butt off this week and I am still the same. Do not get me wrong..80 lbs is amazing but I have been the same weight loss since last month. I have not gotten over or through this brick wall. I am not sure what to do. I have changed up so many things that I do not even know what to change to make it work. I think I may work out too much and I am gaining muscle. I think that is great. It is just frustrating to get on the scale and see it has not budged at all. One month of no results.

Once school and work starts I will have a routine so maybe that will change. Does anyone have any type of advice for new work outs? I think my body is bored of my work outs but the only problem is I have no money to do anything new. I do the same work outs because that is what I can afford. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or ideas?


In other news..TWO DAYS UNTIL JAMAICA! The last vacation I was on was last year when I went to Vegas with Brian. Now Brian and I are going to Jamaica for a week and I am super excited. Even though I am frustrated by this brick wall I will try and not let it bother me during my vacation.  I already know I am going to gain weight on this vacation. Sure, I have read many things about being healthy and making good decisions on vacation but I feel like I should not worry about that kind of stuff.

I do plan on using the gym at the hotel a couple of days. Also, Brian and I are climbing the Dunns River Falls..but I do not plan on worrying about my eating habits. I will eat fruit of course but I plan on eating what I want. Also, I plan on drinking like a fish. I know this does not seem the healthy choice or right thing to do but this is my vacation. I worked so hard (even if I can not break this brick wall) and I deserved to enjoy myself.  Once I come back home I will continue what I am doing..(or change it up a bit) and go on with my life. You should enjoy vacation. Do not worry about losing weight on a vacation because you should enjoy yourself and the life around you. I know I will enjoy these next week.




Transformation Tuesday

I stole the idea from Brooke: Not On A Diet even though she most likely stole it from someone else. I like doing before and during pictures because it always motivates me to keep going. It is amazing how pictures can change your look on things. I hope to do more before and after pictures after Jamaica because when I went to Vegas last year I lost 20 lbs. It would be interesting to do before and after pictures with 80 lbs lost.

porkyMy transformation is rather insane because not only did I lose weight but I also gained confidence in myself. My clothes actually fit me for once. Also my hair style has changed which is pretty awesome. If I was over weight I would have never gotten my hair cut.

weightlossssBack in 2012 I was living a life of being unhealthy. I was living on my own at Coastal Carolina University and I was making bad decisions for my health. I was unhappy with how things were going too. I looked to food and alcoholic drinks for comfort but it was making things worse. Moving back home really helped me change my health for the better.

meeeeeWhen people ask me now about my weight loss I am not doing this to change my appearance. I thought I was beautiful but I was not healthy. I also did not have confidence. I was 232 lbs and 5’1. Usually clothing stores do not cater to a plus size shorty. Clothes never fit me and I never felt confident to wear certain things. I also just could not stand how unhealthy I was. I had my gall bladder removed at the age of 22. I knew something had to change and I did.

I am living a happy and healthy life now. I have lost 80 lbs and I hope to lose 100 lbs overall. Once I do that I will see where my journey will take me. I have a huge amount of confidence and a great healthy life. I could not ask for anything more. Weight loss and being healthy is hard but I am here to help. =)





Cascadian Farm Products Came Today!



I was so excited to see a big package on my door step today. My Cascadian Farm  products came today and they sent me a lot of things! I was highly surprised how much stuff they sent me. I am very excited to try these new products. I calculated the Weight Watcher points and learned all the products range from 3 to 6 points depending on the serving sizes. I like this because some days you need to eat more points then others for breakfast. I am so blessed to win these products because this will be great for my commute to Monmouth University. I drive an hour and a half both ways to graduate school and I usually eat in my car. It will be nice to not have to buy bars and other products for a while.

As I stated before I won these products on the blog Brooke: Not On A Diet. I met Brooke online after I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show back in April.  She has lost 170 lbs and she is truly inspiring. She always has great advice and tips. I suggest following her blog. She is great. Thank you again, Brooke and Cascadian Farm! I can not wait to use the products. =D


Weight Loss Bucket List

I decided to make this a post on the main page. If you ever lose this post it is located under the About Me section.

I feel like while losing weight setting goals is very important. I believe that we all should have something we look forward to. I put together my own Weight Loss bucket list. I got the idea when I went to NY and had my picture taken with the naked cow boy. I thought we were just going to pose together but he ended up picking me up without saying anything. I had never been light enough that someone could just think they could pick me up. Well, not only did he think he could pick me up he did.


Since this naked cow boy man picked me up I decided I should make a weight loss bucket list with quirky and unique ideas. Most people put to be less than 200 lbs or to drop a certain pants size. Most of these things are things you expect on a weight loss bucket list. I decided to create exciting and different ones like being picked up by the naked cow boy in NY. Declare that one to be accomplished!

It is a shame I did not start this sooner! A couple of things that I did before the list is cut my hair really short. I would have never cut my hair the way it is if I was 232 lbs. Also I have ran in a 5K and did the Color Run!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 954708_688875344486018_1410605567_n

If you wish to add some of these to your bucket list go right ahead! Add ones you want too! As I cross them off you will see a blog post about them I am sure. I find bucket lists to be exciting. They are not in any sort of order. Enjoy reading them! I will most likely add more! lol

-Do The Mud Run

-Ride a bike over The Ben Franklin Bridge

-Do a 5K in The Philadelphia Zoo

-Wear a bikini

-Be able to see my belly button

- Shop at a high fashion clothing line

-Write a book about my weight loss

-Run for a half hour straight

-Ride a bike from my house to Ocean City, NJ

-Do a work out with Bob Harper in person.

- Go to Sweat USA in AC

- Feel sexy in a Halloween costume

- Start making my own protein shakes

- Grow a garden

- Do a Crossfit workout

- Wear a BAM in your face sparkle dress for New Year’s eve

- Be in a show where I do not play the role of an old woman or fat girl.

- Dance on top of a bar to a kick ass song

- Run a marathon

- Go rock climbing

-Wear a mermaid gown whenever I get married

- Go out of the country to a tropical paradise in an amazing outfit

- Go camping

-Go horseback riding

- Get amazing abs

-Wear amazing heels

- Try yoga

-Go hiking and find a water fall

-Climb the Dunn River Falls

-Fully do Insanity

-Be able to fit into a cabinet to have the best hide and seek spot ever!

- Scuba dive

-Do a split

-Teach a spinning class

-Run on the beach

-Be on 93.3 WMMR’s Preston and Steve to talk about my weight loss.

- Do a 5K in Disney World

- Run the Boston Marathon

- Take a bike tour through wine country

-Learn to snorkel

- Ride a mechanical bull

- Get contacts

- Run on the Great Wall of China

-Inspire someone out of this country that I never met before.


There may be more but I think I have a kick ass list right now. =)


Twins Losing Weight 1 lb @ a Time

As I sit here almost at midnight while listening to Disney on my Pandora…I felt the urge to write on my blog. I spent tonight with my brother Michael. Michael is my only sibling and he is my twin. My parents must of been happy because out popped one boy and one girl. Why would the continue? My brother is really into movies and we ended up watching Spring Breakers which in my opinion is a skip..It was a weird movie. Anyway, Michael is really inspiring because he is one pound away from losing 100 lbs. He is very modest and rather not speak about his weight loss though. I will never understand my Mom and my brother for not sharing the world on how they did this! I feel like people trying to lose weight is such a hard thing that when people do lose weight the healthy and natural way they should share it. That is my opinion anyway..

188280_1002973837922_5875_nMy brother is very smart and he is really into movies like I said. He went to Rowan University and is looking for a job in Radio, Television and Film. He parks cars at a local hospital right now.  He has a blog as well on TUMBLR where he reviews one movie a week that came out in 2013. He also has a list going on movies he has seen. The blog is called A Collection of Ramblings . He is a pretty good at writing.

Since Michael is so close to the 100 lb mark he wants to now sculpt his body. He should have been doing this all along in my opinion but he asked me for help and I love to help of course! He asked what kind of protein he should buy but I told him he needs to work out and not just eat protein! So he is going to buy free weights and I was teaching him how to do squats earlier. He has come a long way. He used to drink 8 orange sodas and boxes of pop tarts. Now he is squatting and looking into free weights!  I hope he keeps up the good work and he is inspiring. I know he will not write about it but I will.  I have no problem whoring myself and my family. =)