I Lost 4 lbs in 2 Weeks! =)

Hello everyone, today is my first day off from work until the summer program and I thought I should post something on here.


So, I have gone back to the basics like I said before. I decided to crack down and start from scratch with the Weight Watcher Program. As stated before, I am not a member of Weight Watchers. My Mom actually goes to the meetings and is part of the program. I merely take her lead and piggy back off the information she shared with me. I use her books and tools to help me. It is actually easy to do Weight Watchers and not be a member. There are so many websites to help you. Here are a few of my favorites:

Weight Watchers Points Calculator 

Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone

Exercise 4 Weight Loss


Those are only a few of many out there. The Weight Watcher points Calculator is VERY helpful. I do have the calculator on my phone, because my Mom is allowed to have the calculator on a couple of devices, but when I started Weight Watchers that site was helpful. I believe anyone can do this program and not be a member. Sorry Weight Watchers, I am a poor graduate student and can not afford your program, but it is an AMAZING  program.


So, I have lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks! I started at 165 lbs and now I am at 161. I am uber excited. I am trying to go back to my lightest which was 152lbs before the end of summer. That is less then 10 lbs! I believe I can do this.


So, I have been writing EVERYTHING down. This is what my madness looks like right now. It may not look pretty and it may not look normal, but this is the method to my madness. I calculate my activity points from this book my Mom has but you can figure it out here too. I love working out, so my points rank up. Then I get 49 Activity which I use during the weekend. I write down everything now even if I did bad that day.

An example is this weekend. I went to a diner with close girlfriends and got a Chicken Caesar Salad. Sounds healthy? Wrong, the chicken was huge! I still ate it, but it ended up calculating to 20 points. So a healthy salad out still was crazy, but I used some of my weekly. Then I went to a graduation party where I used the rest of my weekly and some of my activity.


So even though I went a little crazy, I still wrote everything down. My Mom actually gave me great advice last night. Look at it and think of things you would do differently. Well, maybe I would have had one beer and maybe no fried chicken..then why did I need a slice of cake AND a cupcake. So writing it down is helping me to figure out I should pick on rather than the other.


So due to being fully committed to Weight Watchers again, I lost 4lbs. I am excited to see how far I can go again. I was stuck in a funk, but now this funk is gone. I am a strong woman and I know I can do this physically and mentally.




I am more than my body

   Today was a rough day at work. Basically being told I will most likely not be in the same position I am in work next year. I am just a body there. Where ever you fit they will throw you in. Most don’t know my name and if they know it they can not even spell it or say it correctly. Jaclyn is spelled this way and Jocelyn is spelled this way.

Anyway, I felt depressed all throughout work and when I got home. I wanted to binge eat like crazy but I tried to keep my mind off of how I am just a body to people. I wanted to eat a whole bag of veggie straws or a whole thing of ice cream but I stopped myself.  I kept myself busy by cleaning the house and reading so I would not eat my feelings away. I tried to enhance my mind rather than believe I was just a body. I am more than my body.


I am more than my body and eating will not help my problems go away. If it happens..then it has to happen. I have a great family, friends, and boyfriend. I am highly intelligent, even if others do not believe so. I am strong and fit. I am creative in my own unique way. I do have talents. No one has ever really heard me sing before. I have emotions and thoughts. I have beliefs and fears. I am more than my body. I have a soul. So I will not cave into my binge eating and I will not cave into feeling worthless. I am more than that and I am not that. If it is meant to be..then let it be.


My family


My friends


My wonderful boyfriend Brian. <3


Let it be.




Have you Hugged A Graduate Student Lately?

So, I have been silent lately due to my graduate studies. I just finished my thesis development and I felt highly satisfied with it. The process was a pain, but not a bigger pain then my other two classes. Right now I am trying to process a paper that I feel is total garbage. This whole semester has been stressful and it shows in my routine. Due to my long commute, my long assignments, my hours at work, and just all this stress my diet is showing it. Granted, I have stayed the same weight every week for the last four weeks and that is not a bad thing, but I still kick myself because I have been stress eating! Not even eating, but drinking too.

I have been doing so well during the day with eating healthy and counting my Weight Watcher points but at night I shove food into my mouth like it is going to be stolen from me. I am so annoyed with myself.   I only have two weeks left of graduate school and even though I wanted to be skinny for the summer, I will live with trying to get back on track for the summer. I am going to do different things and I hope I can keep these promises.

First, I am going to try and eat five small meals a day. I am noticing my meals are way too big and I eat only three big meals. This concept is not helping me because I am finding myself getting hungry quicker after my meals.  Of course I need to stop snacking. I need to stop sitting their and shoving snack after snack into my mouth. I need to learn to do other things beside watching T.V as well. Maybe go for a walk or clean my room/car. I need to stop SNACKING!!! ugh..



I want to try this because I always want to do CrossFit, but I do not have the money for it. This is awesome because you do not need equipment and it looks like awesome workouts.


I also, wish to do some type of ab challenge, because I feel like my core could be better. I bought a lot of shirts this summer that could show my stomach depending if I stretch high enough. I also feel like I do not do enough with my abs. My legs and arms look great, but my abs could be better.


I also feel like my plank ability is awful. I have no upper body strength and when I do my kick boxing class, I can not do a plank to save my life. I feel like this challenge will help me. I am not sure about five minute planks, but to get to 1 minute that would be awesome.


I know I have come a long way and I beat myself up, but I feel like I have more to lose. Sometimes I feel like I am people’s support group. People message me questions and are always asking for advice, and that is fine but sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to.  I have to stay positive and just get pass this speed bump.



Bringing Back the Motivation and Confidence with my Weight Loss Journey



Today I woke up with with motivation to work my butt off at the gym. I know I have been a Debbie Downer lately but this week has been pretty okay with eating right and working out. I have gone back to writing down EVERYTHING I eat even if I do go over Weight Watcher points. Also, I have been drinking so much water it is like it is going away forever. My workouts are also cranked up a notch due to me being comfortable with them. I need to get used to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I love the stair machine at my gym. It is as if I am climbing up actual stairs and I love it. It is an amazing work out too. It is the only machine where I am sweating like crazy. I do not recommend using this machine as long as I did if you never used it before.

IMG_2587 IMG_2586 IMG_2585



I love working out. Now I have to stop my love for snacking now.



My Love for Bob Harper

Since it is snowing..again..I did not go to the gym today. I decided to pop in one of my Bob Harper work out DVDs. I have not done one of his workouts in such a long time and I forgot how much I love them. I never sweat as much as I do when I do one of his workouts. Also, I feel so sore but satisfied after one of his workouts. I love it.

image (1)


If you live under a rock or if you are new to my blog, I am in love with Bob Harper. I think Bob Harper is a great inspiration and his DVDs and books are great. Most people know him from the Biggest Loser but I was into him due to his workout DVDs first. I did start with the Biggest Loser workouts before I even watched one episode. ( FYI..Do not forget to watch the final episode of the Biggest Loser this week. I am super excited to see who wins this season! The episode is tomorrow!) I could not get enough of Bob Harper. I love reading his books because they help me put my mind in check.

I really think Bob Harper is the reason I have lost weight. Yes, my Mom did a huge amount of this due to our eating habits but she was not the one to push me into working out. Without working out I would have not lost 80lbs. Bob Harper did save my life.

Rachaelray11 Rachaelray14

I did meet Bob Harper last April on The Rachael Ray Show when I lost 60 lbs. I was so star struck and so unsure with what was going on I was so silent and so nervous. I sort of regret this because I really did not talk to him. I was a stupid fan girl. Now I have lost 80 lbs and I have learned from Bob Harper that skinny is not everything and I rather be strong. A big dream of mine is to try Crossfit but it is too expensive. I try some of the Crossfit exercises that he posts on his Instagram but I could never afford to join a place that does Crossfit.


If I ever meet Bob Harper again I hope it is not in a dress but in work out gear. It would be awesome to work out with him. It would be AMAZING to take on of his spin classes but to try out Crossfit would be awesome. I can not complain though. I am humble I met one of the inspirations for my weight loss journey. I will continue to buy his DVDs and read his books. I love Bob Harper <3 <3



Welcome To The Gym: My Advice and Pet Peeves for being a Gym Memeber


It is that time of year again where the gym was not so crowded but once the New Years hit you notice that your local gym has a little more bodies then you are used to. I do not believe in New Years Resolutions but a lot of people out there believe a new year means a change and there is nothing wrong with that. I decided to write a blog post to help the newbies and oldbies on certain things I can not stand when I go to the gym. I am usually a laid back person but when I go to the gym certain things bother me. First, I would like to write something for the newbies.

Newbies, welcome to the gym life! Some of you may have never stepped into a gym or it has been years. I would like to applaud your effort to try and be active. I love you decided to make a change and do something about it. Here are a few things I want to remind you.

1.) No one is looking at you…and if they are who cares!? You came to this gym to change yourself and that is all that matters. If you catch someone looking at you then just ignore them because they are rude anyway. Some may look because they are actually approving you are making a change but guess what? No one is looking at you. I have been apart of a gym for almost two years now and no one was ever looking at me.

2.) Do not give up! Change will not happen over night. In order to make a habit work out you need to do it for a month. Also, results do not happen over night. It takes time. Also do not ruin your workout wit your eating habits!

3.) Do not get upset if someone tries to help you. This is something that took a long time for me. When someone came up to tell me this and not that I would get upset. I felt I was not doing something right and that I was a failure with my workouts. That is not the case! These people just wanted to help me. It is nice that people actually wanted to help me with working out.

4.) Try new things. Do not favor only one machine or one class. Explore your options. If you do the same thing over and over again your body will get bored and you will get used to the work out. Be creative and try something new.

5.) Never say, “I can’t do this!” or “I quit.” Leave those negative thoughts out when you enter the gym. Negative thoughts are so hard to break but if you go in with a positive attitude you will be surprised how much you can accomplish. Everyone is not perfect and no one gets it right on the first try. It is your workout and your experience. Do not compare to someones because they could have been doing this for years and you just started. Remember that!


Oldbies, I know new people slow down the gym slightly and make it crowded but be patient. Understand that these people are new and be friendly. You never know, you may make a friend due to this. Just be patient. You were once in their shoes. You should understand what they are going through.


Alright, now that I addressed the newbies and oldbies..EVERYONE..I have certain pet peeves that should be addressed. Granted, many of these things might be on other lists but I do not care. Some of my pet peeves need to be addressed and frankly they need to stop! lol! I know I am only one person but maybe if we band together then these little quirks can stop for good. I know, I am holding my breath. Anyway…these are my pet peeves about the gym.

1.) Stop talking on your cell phone or really loudly. I know this is strange because what do I care but it really distracts me. I feel like if you are able to hold a conversation then you are not having a good work out. Sometimes people do not listen to music. Sometimes people zone out but if you are speaking loudly on the phone or your buddy then you are killing it, bro. Take your phone call or conversation to the lobby or the locker room.

2.) WIPE DOWN your machine!! I mean..come on! If someone gave me $1 every time I see someone not wipe down their machine when they were done I would be rich. I thought it was just the young kids but it is every age. Granted, people do wipe them down but please wipe your germfested and sweat-ridden machine when you are done! I am not freaked out by germs but I know when I work out I sweat a lot and I think it is gross. Wipe it down! It only takes two seconds. Of course to be on the safe side I sometimes wipe the machine before using it but come on people..I really should not have to do this.


3.) Do not spend too much time on a machine. I feel for a cardio machine you should be on it no more then 30 minutes. Weight machines..I am not sure but do not be on it forever. Christmas eve at my gym their was a couple of females who was on a certain weight machine and people were complaining they were on it for a half hour. That is too long. Just be respectful. Make good judgement on how long is too long on a machine.

4.) No grunting or slamming down weights. Just no. The grunting is weird and the slamming down means it is too heavy for you and you can not properly place it down. This is mostly for men..so sorry..but you are trying to show off and it is just not working.

5.) Do not walk around the locker room naked. Enough said.

6.) Do not wear over powering body spray. This may be my personal pet peeve but I hate working out next to someone who smells like they are going to the local night club right after. It makes me gag. Sometimes these woman wear it so over powering that it is so intense. Ladies, we all sweat. Get used to it. We all stink. Take a show at the gym or at home when you are done. Please do not over power the people around you with your body spray.

7.) Be patient to the people around you. Everyone does not work on your speed and you should understand that. Do not hover or ask people when they will be done it is rude..unless they are on that machine for a long time.

8.) Do not be the know it all. It is one thing to help someone but to point out every little flaw is annoying. I took a aqua fitness class and every five seconds someone would point out to me what I was doing wrong. Mind you this was not the instructor. Let me work out and try it out myself. I do not mind a couple of pointers but never every flaw. Do not be this person. People will not like it.

9.) Wear the right clothing at the gym. This should be common sense but I still see people wearing the strangest things. Ladies, what is wrong with a t-shirt and active pants? I see so many skin tight tank tops and short short shorts. I also see tight pants where I see the thong line..or not underwear at all. It is gross. Also, what is with the rip up clothing? I do not understand it at all. Why wear anything? Oh yeah…you can not work out in the gym without clothing..but if my clothing is all in shreds it is okay. It is so strange! Wear the right thing. Do not get on that treadmill in jeans!

Also, ladies..why are we wearing make up and doing are hair?? I do not understand the make up at all. My make up would be running down my face so bad after my workouts if I did that. My theory is if you still look good then you did not work out hard enough. If you are trying to meet Mr. right at the gym, he will most likely be a sweaty mess. Don’t worry about the make up. It makes no sense.

10.) Finally, when taking a class be aware of your surroundings. Some people do not move fast or are in step with what is going on. Do not plow into them because they are moving too slow. You may not notice you are doing it but ease back slightly.  Also, when taking a class do not all crowd in one spot. Spread out for the love of god. I am pretty short being 5’1. I am annoyed when people walk in five minutes late and stand right in front of me. Granted, I should move up closer but I was there on time and this is my spot thank you very much.

Well, that is my list. I hope all everyone keeps these thoughts and ideas in the back of their head when they go to the gym. Just be nice to each other and everything will be fine. To the newbies who joined, I hope you stick with it. It takes a while to see results but it will happen. I lost 80 lbs but it took over a year to do it. Results come but it takes time. Enjoy the gym, everyone!




I Lost 30 lbs in 2013! What Will 2014 Bring?



Happy New Year, everyone! As I stated before, 2013 was my year. I am excited to see what 2014 has to bring. This whole year I lost 30 lbs but 80 lbs overall. That 30 lbs has truly helped me a lot! I am going to continue on doing what I have been doing because it is working.

I do not believe in New Years Revolutions because they seem to be really big picture goals. Everyone always wants to lose weight but most people have a huge expectation in their head when they starts. When they decide to lose weight they keep this big number of what they want to lose and this is why they fail. Maybe instead of saying you wish to lose twenty pounds..Say you will eat healthy or go to the gym three times a week. Please keep in mind that a life style change will become a huge change but I feel you should start off small. That is my advice to everyone with the NYR.

For me..I need to get back on track because the holidays was filled of food and drinking. The only thing I was doing right was working out everyday but Christmas.  So for 2014 I will get back to writing down everything I consume, track my Weight Watcher points better and stop snacking/drinking alcohol. I really need to calm down with the snacking and drinking. I feel if I get back on track with this then my body will go back to feeling how it was before the holidays.

I also would like to continue to weigh my self only once a month. Not worrying about the scale has done wonders on me because I am not stressed out about the number on that scale. My goal this year is to not worry about the weight loss but the muscle I gain. I am going to gain weight this year but I wish to sculpt my body the way I want it to be.

Finally, rather then worrying about weight loss or muscle gain I wish to try new things. I have already done this last year but I feel like trying new things keep your life fresh and exciting. I climbed a water fall in Jamaica and ran in a 5K last year. Who knows what will happen this year? I still have a bucket list with many interesting and exciting things I have no done yet. Speaking of the bucket list..I am pretty sure I can gross things off on it. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope this year is a success for everyone. Make the best of it!