The Scale and I have Broken Up!

??????????????????  I am done! Over! I am so sick of my scale. I feel like the scale if fully taking over my life and I can not stand it. I am always weighing my self. Now my mind is so messed up that I am weighing myself everyday. I am just upset because I have not lost any weight since July. Since this is the case, I feel as if the scale is mocking me. Mocking me that it keeps going up and down..up and down..or dead still. I am sick of you scale. I am more than this number and I think this number is lying. I do not feel as if I am gaining weight but muscle. I think my arms and stomach are starting to look great. I also think my legs look killer. The number is not telling the truth. Why step on something full of negativity? I sound crazy, right? Oh boy. I am tired of stepping on the scale. Starting Friday which is tomorrow..I will weigh myself and not weigh myself again until December 6. I want to see what happens. I mean even if I gain all this weight what difference does it make sense I have not lost weight and I have been on a roller coaster ride since July. What will one month do? I am going to try this out. I have nothing else to lose. The only dangerous thing to come is Thanksgiving. So we will see what will happen. I am so annoyed with my scale. I really am. I am over it.

 On another note I plan on writing a final paper in one of my classes about Weight-Watchers and the rhetoric it has. It will not be a negative paper or anything. I am actually going to be positive because Weight-Watchers has really helped me with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll post it when I am done but I think everyone will be bored of my random graduate school talk. All I can say is I had to write the paper when I found an article comparing Weight-Watchers to Foucault. Alright, I am done being a nerd.



This Brick Wall Will Not Break..



I am a little frustrated this week. I stepped on the scale and I remained the same. Yes, I know a scale should not define me and I am more then just a number but COME ON! I worked my butt off this week and I am still the same. Do not get me wrong..80 lbs is amazing but I have been the same weight loss since last month. I have not gotten over or through this brick wall. I am not sure what to do. I have changed up so many things that I do not even know what to change to make it work. I think I may work out too much and I am gaining muscle. I think that is great. It is just frustrating to get on the scale and see it has not budged at all. One month of no results.

Once school and work starts I will have a routine so maybe that will change. Does anyone have any type of advice for new work outs? I think my body is bored of my work outs but the only problem is I have no money to do anything new. I do the same work outs because that is what I can afford. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or ideas?


In other news..TWO DAYS UNTIL JAMAICA! The last vacation I was on was last year when I went to Vegas with Brian. Now Brian and I are going to Jamaica for a week and I am super excited. Even though I am frustrated by this brick wall I will try and not let it bother me during my vacation.  I already know I am going to gain weight on this vacation. Sure, I have read many things about being healthy and making good decisions on vacation but I feel like I should not worry about that kind of stuff.

I do plan on using the gym at the hotel a couple of days. Also, Brian and I are climbing the Dunns River Falls..but I do not plan on worrying about my eating habits. I will eat fruit of course but I plan on eating what I want. Also, I plan on drinking like a fish. I know this does not seem the healthy choice or right thing to do but this is my vacation. I worked so hard (even if I can not break this brick wall) and I deserved to enjoy myself.  Once I come back home I will continue what I am doing..(or change it up a bit) and go on with my life. You should enjoy vacation. Do not worry about losing weight on a vacation because you should enjoy yourself and the life around you. I know I will enjoy these next week.