I Lost 30 lbs in 2013! What Will 2014 Bring?



Happy New Year, everyone! As I stated before, 2013 was my year. I am excited to see what 2014 has to bring. This whole year I lost 30 lbs but 80 lbs overall. That 30 lbs has truly helped me a lot! I am going to continue on doing what I have been doing because it is working.

I do not believe in New Years Revolutions because they seem to be really big picture goals. Everyone always wants to lose weight but most people have a huge expectation in their head when they starts. When they decide to lose weight they keep this big number of what they want to lose and this is why they fail. Maybe instead of saying you wish to lose twenty pounds..Say you will eat healthy or go to the gym three times a week. Please keep in mind that a life style change will become a huge change but I feel you should start off small. That is my advice to everyone with the NYR.

For me..I need to get back on track because the holidays was filled of food and drinking. The only thing I was doing right was working out everyday but Christmas.  So for 2014 I will get back to writing down everything I consume, track my Weight Watcher points better and stop snacking/drinking alcohol. I really need to calm down with the snacking and drinking. I feel if I get back on track with this then my body will go back to feeling how it was before the holidays.

I also would like to continue to weigh my self only once a month. Not worrying about the scale has done wonders on me because I am not stressed out about the number on that scale. My goal this year is to not worry about the weight loss but the muscle I gain. I am going to gain weight this year but I wish to sculpt my body the way I want it to be.

Finally, rather then worrying about weight loss or muscle gain I wish to try new things. I have already done this last year but I feel like trying new things keep your life fresh and exciting. I climbed a water fall in Jamaica and ran in a 5K last year. Who knows what will happen this year? I still have a bucket list with many interesting and exciting things I have no done yet. Speaking of the bucket list..I am pretty sure I can gross things off on it. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope this year is a success for everyone. Make the best of it!


I lost 30 lbs: How 2013 Was My Year



Despite the struggles I have been having the last couple months, 2013 was truly my year. When I looked back on it all, this year was truly amazing. I have lost 80 lbs overall but in the year 2013, I have lost 30 lbs and that is a huge accomplishment! Since the New Year is almost upon us..I felt is was fitting to write a blog post on what I felt was great accomplishments and amazing moments of my year. These moments are not ranked or anything but this is what made 2013 great for me.



Of course, the first moment I will never forget as long as I live is how I was on The Rachael Ray Show back in May. I was on the show which aired twice this year and I got to meet Bob Harper..my fitness hero! The moment is why this blog is even around. I started off on Tumblr but once I realized my Tumblr blog was actually noticeable I decided to create this blog! Not only was this blog created but my Tumblr exploded with views and I made a lot of friends from all over the country this year.

The moment truly showed that people are inspired by little things. At the time I lost 60 lbs and I inspired others. People before that time were inspiring me that I did not realize that I could actually inspire others.




Getting back to the show, the moment was amazing. I had my hair and make up down like a celebrity. I had my confidence boost so much that day. Knowing that the people of The Rachael Ray Show actually reached out to me so I could meet my fitness hero was amazing. Bob Harper was so sweet to me. He took a picture with me and he even signed a copy of his book. All this happened in his dressing room of course! What you see on the Biggest Loser is the real deal with him. He was truly amazing to meet. This moment was one of the greatest moments of 2013 but also of my life.



Another moment of 2013 that was amazing was how I was in two 5Ks. I did my first 5K in June and was not #1 or anything but I still ran the entire time in it. It was one of the toughest things I did this year but I enjoyed every second of it. The thought of actually doing a 5K was very rewarding. Granted, I am not a huge fan of running but it was still great to try something new and not give up the entire time.


969809_10201556191289940_2073615304_n (1)


Another 5K I did was with my family. It was The Color Run. Granted, we did not run this one. I think it would of killed the women in my family if we ran the whole thing but nothing was wrong with walking. The Color Fun was a lot of fun and was a great way to get my family moving their body. Any one can do this 5K at any age. Also, the pictures taken during and after this event if so funny!





A silly moment I loved of 2013 was when my friend Allie came to visit in July. Of course, the whole time my friend Allie was here was great because I love showing her the Northern life since she is from South Carolina. Even though the weekend was filled of poor decisions with food it had a lot of great moments. One moment that stood out was when the Naked Cowboy in Time Square picked me up and held me. This was the first time since I was a kid anyone thought they could pick me up. Sure, people stared at me a half naked grown man was lifting me in the streets of NY but the confidence level that happened to me during this moment was amazing! Someone actually picked me up because they thought I was light enough!! Call it silly but it was great!




Another moment was in September when I did Sweat USA in AC. The fitness expo was great and I got to hear Jillian Michael speak! She said a lot of powerful and inspiring things during her talk. Also, I got to take a lot of new and exciting classes where I sweat my butt off. I hope to do this event next year and hopefully for two days!!



Going to Jamaica with Brian this year was a great high light because it was the first time I was ever out of the country. Also, Brian and I tried many new things such as snorkeling. I loved swimming around in the clean water and looking at all the fish around us. It was truly beautiful.

underwaterbrianandiOne moment that was truly rewarding was climbing The Dunn Riverfalls. It was a hard accomplishment and Brian might of wanted to kill me afterward but it was truly great when we were done!



Finally, the confidence level I have is truly a huge accomplishment this year. I truly love clothes shopping and it maybe a problem due to my addiction to certain stores now. I do not mind showing off my legs, wearing skirts and wearing things that are tighter to show off my curves. I have found an new love for my body and for the clothing I wear.



2013 was a great year and it was my year. I lost 30 lbs this year and I show no signs of slowing down or stopping with being healthy and fit. I am so humble for the people who read my blog or stumble upon it. You all are an inspiration to me for actually caring about my story. I am a twenty something from New Jersey who needed to become healthy and you all actually care. Thank you all so much! Here is to a great 2014 and hope that I write more. I hope graduate school could be less crazy, but I feel it will not be! Haha..Oh well!!!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years!






3 lbs Down and My Pumpkin Flavor Obsession

image Another week has come and gone and I am down 3 lbs this week. Granted, I am still not at my regular weight since Jamaica but I am 3 lbs down from the weight I gained from the trip. That is great! Losing weight is not a race. It will come off sooner or later. This week was different because I had only one day where I did make some risky choices. I was good the rest of the week. I went to spinning class a couple of times. I was also working more hours then usual at work. I am part time but Monday and Friday I picked up extra hours. Extra hours means less time to think about food. Tuesday-Thursday I am mostly in my car and I pack my own food. Once it is gone I am good. I still have not been working out as much as I would like but my calorie intake is better then it was a couple of weeks.  I only plan on being “bad” this week and that is on Sunday at the Eagles Tailgating. I ordered an Italian Hoagie, made my vodka gummy bears and will drink my Pumpkin Harvest Blue Moon. Today and tomorrow I plan on being good and on track. I did treat myself to a Ice Pumpkin Coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts today but it was not a huge treat.



I hate when summer goes away but holy poop! I love when September rolls around because I am addicted to the pumpkin flavor stuff. This is dangerous though! Who would have thought that pumpkin flavored things would be so delicious? All week I craved an ice pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts but I did not give in until today. The whole week I decided that I would have my normal coffee which is black. I thought I did very well and decided since my weigh in day is Friday..and I should treat myself. I love this stuff! If you have no had any..it is like crack. Maybe you should not try it. If you follow Weight Watchers a small is 5 points, a medium is 7 points and a large is 9 points.  A small is really not all that bad if you do not mind drinking your calories. I wanted to treat myself though and I of course got a medium. I could not drink a large because I could not drink 9 points..unless it is alcohol. 7 points is a lot too but I guess I did not feel as bad!

Funny story was I went into the Dunkin Donuts and it has been forever. I usually go in the drive in. Did you know they have a Pumpkin Pie donuts? Crazy, right? That sucker is 9 Weight Watcher points. I did not give in guys! I really wanted it though. Fast food places are so dangerous. I think I may stay clear from going in because I do not know what kind of donuts they have by looking at the menu at the drive through.

33333 I am pretty sure I am going on pumpkin over load here. I am not sure where it is coming from but I guess you can say I am embracing the fall weather. After the 90 degree heat waves this week I wish fall would come into picture. Anyway, you can treat yourself once in a while. Just be smart about it. If you want that 7 WW point ice pumpkin coffee then go ahead but do not get that and the 9 point pumpkin pie donuts. Make smart choices. Help one craving and save the other for another day or week. I am excited to brew a pumpkin flavored coffee and drink my Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin on Sunday!  Three cheer for pumpkin flavor!




8 lbs Gained and Stressful Schedules



I stepped on the scale today and was a little upset to see I gained 8 lbs. This is part of the 12 lbs I gained from Jamaica. When I weighed myself the day after Jamaica it was not really my weigh in day. Today was my weigh in day and I did see I lost four pounds from my trip which is great but I bet I could have lost more if my schedule was not so crazy this week!

I started back with my graduate courses and working at a local grade school this week. I usually work the grade school and then drive all the way to graduate school. I go to graduate school for three days a week. I commute an hour and a half both ways to school which stinks. By the time I am home I am usually exhausted or it is is so late to work out. I now understand what people are talking about when they say they are too busy to work out. It stinks.

I am going to figure things out though. Maybe I will try to work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will have to get away from the idea that I am so exhausted. Even if I run around the neighborhood for twenty minutes will be better then nothing. I need to push myself. I am too close to lose it right now. It stinks to gain 8 lbs but I will suck it up. There is always next week. Now I have to get ready and head to AC. Halestorm is performing at the House of Blues. =)



What I Learned This Summer

I can not believe my summer is over starting tomorrow! I know that summer technically does not end until the end of this month but my vacation and relaxing is over. I go back to work and graduate courses tomorrow. Not too excited because stress leaves me to junk food eating. Hopefully I can stop that by working out like I did last year. I am writing this post because I am not sure how much I will write due to my graduate studies.

Looking back on this summer I learned a couple of interesting things about life and being healthy.

1.) I learned that summer is tough with junk food and drinking. Everyone always complains about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. Summer is worse! Every week and weekend something is going on that requires high fat food and drinks. It is so hard to pass up. Granted, I did my best with making healthy choices but I did learn that summer is very difficult with being healthy.

2.) I learned that the body gets bored with the same work outs. Since it was hot I was not running outside and I was taking a lot of spinning classes. My body was getting bored and I was not losing any weight. I tried doing different things like swimming laps in the pool because it gave my body a shock of something new.

3.) I learned I love to shop and wear summer clothes. I used to hate showing off my arms and legs but the weight loss has given me confidence to show them off. I love to wear dresses now. I never wore them before my weight loss. I will be sad when I have to pack up my summer clothing this year.

4.) I learned that you should try new things. I climbed the Dunn’s Waterfalls in Jamaica and I walked around the streets of Philadelphia by myself for 8 miles. Not only activity but I went to clothing stores I never stepped into just to see if I could fit into things. FYI..Plato’s Closet and Aeropostale are my new favorite stores.

5.) Finally, I learned to embrace life and enjoy it. I experienced many things that were not considered healthy choices but I did not let that bring me down. Failure was not an option. I kept going even if the scale did not show things I liked. I kept going and I will still keep going. I will not fail.

Goodbye Summer 2013. It was a blast.



My Trip To Montego Bay, Jamaica



Brian and I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica last week. It was a great experience. We stayed at an All-Inclusive resort at the Holiday Inn Sunspree and it was great! It was great because I drank and ate as much as I wanted. I went into this vacation not worrying about gaining weight and not being healthy. I worked very hard this week and I wanted to treat myself. I gained 11 lbs of course but I will not beat myself about it.  I was glad I did not worry about this because I had a blast and it was so relaxing!



This was the first time I was ever out of the country. I am from New Jersey and I am not used to seeing the ocean be so clear. I could see my feet and fish swimming all around. It was amazing. I tried to snorkel one day but they ran out of snorkels. I just got a mask and that was good enough. It was amazing how many fish and hermit crabs were everywhere. I could not believe how close I was to wild life.

fish2 fish3 underwater


One thing I can cross off my weight loss bucket list is I CLIMBED THE DUNN’S RIVER FALLS. The falls is 180 feet high and 600 feet long..and Brian and I climbed it. It was tough. I did not realize how tough it was to climb this monster. I actually wanted to give up but our tour guide (the only female tour guide) was not taking giving up as an answer. She helped me along the way. It was really amazing how someone was so willing to help me conquer this. My only thing about this was the fact that children were climbing this. Some of the kids were terrified and I got stuck holding a six year old at one point during the falls. I knew a six year old could not pick me up. So I wish that children were not climbing the falls. I would never make my child do this. Anyway..it was a great climb and we were very sore from this.

Another thing I can cross off my weight loss bucket is GO TO A TROPICAL PARADISE IN A KILLER OUTFIT. I wore this awesome dress to an amazing dinner one night and I felt so good in it. I felt confident and amazing in it. Not only did I wear it to dinner but we went to a club later that night. I danced in it for hours and hours.



An all-inclusive resort was great because everything is paid for. You get to eat and drink what ever you like. I know this sounds awful to promote on a weight loss blog but it is the way to go for vacation. The drinks were great and always flowing and the food was really good. I tried jerk chicken and pork and it was great. Very spicy but it tasted great with Red Stripe beer. Not only did they have bad food but they had amazing fruit. I tried all the fruit there. Papaya, mango, pineapple and many more. The fruit was great. I always made sure I had some kind of fruit on my plate.



My whole experience was amazing. Brian and I had an amazing time and we can not wait to go back. I have learned that I love to travel and I hope to go out of the country again. I loved the lay back life style of Jamaica and I hope to go back soon. The beach was beautiful and the people in Jamaica were so friendly. I am glad to add this to my memories.

Vacation is Over



Hello everyone! I am back from my wonderful vacation at Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will write another post about how my vacation later. I have a lot of pictures to upload and right now I do not feel like doing that right now. The only negative thing about my vacation is I got on the scale this morning.  I gained 11 lbs! Holy poop. I could beat myself up about this but why would ? I knew going into this vacation I was going to eat and drink what I wanted. Now that I am home I am going to go back to my healthy ways. One week will not kill you. Enjoy life and have fun!

More posts later. Right now I need to do a huge load of laundry.



Gone on Vacation



Well everyone, I am off to my vacation. I will be away in Jamaica with Brian starting tomorrow. I will be back on Friday night. My goal for this vacation is to have fun and not worry about what I eat or drink. I want to enjoy myself and relax. I hope to try new things because since my weight loss I am more daring and adventurous. Most importantly I hope to stay away from all social media. I plan on not having phone calls or text messages. I have been so consumed with social media and my cell phone that I need a break from it all.

Remember to watch the Rachael Ray Show this Monday because they are showing the episode I appeared in. If anyone who watched the show and found this blog or my Tumblr account..I will be back Friday! Please leave me messages and likes to come back to. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram.  I will be writing in one week! =)


This Brick Wall Will Not Break..



I am a little frustrated this week. I stepped on the scale and I remained the same. Yes, I know a scale should not define me and I am more then just a number but COME ON! I worked my butt off this week and I am still the same. Do not get me wrong..80 lbs is amazing but I have been the same weight loss since last month. I have not gotten over or through this brick wall. I am not sure what to do. I have changed up so many things that I do not even know what to change to make it work. I think I may work out too much and I am gaining muscle. I think that is great. It is just frustrating to get on the scale and see it has not budged at all. One month of no results.

Once school and work starts I will have a routine so maybe that will change. Does anyone have any type of advice for new work outs? I think my body is bored of my work outs but the only problem is I have no money to do anything new. I do the same work outs because that is what I can afford. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or ideas?


In other news..TWO DAYS UNTIL JAMAICA! The last vacation I was on was last year when I went to Vegas with Brian. Now Brian and I are going to Jamaica for a week and I am super excited. Even though I am frustrated by this brick wall I will try and not let it bother me during my vacation.  I already know I am going to gain weight on this vacation. Sure, I have read many things about being healthy and making good decisions on vacation but I feel like I should not worry about that kind of stuff.

I do plan on using the gym at the hotel a couple of days. Also, Brian and I are climbing the Dunns River Falls..but I do not plan on worrying about my eating habits. I will eat fruit of course but I plan on eating what I want. Also, I plan on drinking like a fish. I know this does not seem the healthy choice or right thing to do but this is my vacation. I worked so hard (even if I can not break this brick wall) and I deserved to enjoy myself.  Once I come back home I will continue what I am doing..(or change it up a bit) and go on with my life. You should enjoy vacation. Do not worry about losing weight on a vacation because you should enjoy yourself and the life around you. I know I will enjoy these next week.




Transformation Tuesday

I stole the idea from Brooke: Not On A Diet even though she most likely stole it from someone else. I like doing before and during pictures because it always motivates me to keep going. It is amazing how pictures can change your look on things. I hope to do more before and after pictures after Jamaica because when I went to Vegas last year I lost 20 lbs. It would be interesting to do before and after pictures with 80 lbs lost.

porkyMy transformation is rather insane because not only did I lose weight but I also gained confidence in myself. My clothes actually fit me for once. Also my hair style has changed which is pretty awesome. If I was over weight I would have never gotten my hair cut.

weightlossssBack in 2012 I was living a life of being unhealthy. I was living on my own at Coastal Carolina University and I was making bad decisions for my health. I was unhappy with how things were going too. I looked to food and alcoholic drinks for comfort but it was making things worse. Moving back home really helped me change my health for the better.

meeeeeWhen people ask me now about my weight loss I am not doing this to change my appearance. I thought I was beautiful but I was not healthy. I also did not have confidence. I was 232 lbs and 5’1. Usually clothing stores do not cater to a plus size shorty. Clothes never fit me and I never felt confident to wear certain things. I also just could not stand how unhealthy I was. I had my gall bladder removed at the age of 22. I knew something had to change and I did.

I am living a happy and healthy life now. I have lost 80 lbs and I hope to lose 100 lbs overall. Once I do that I will see where my journey will take me. I have a huge amount of confidence and a great healthy life. I could not ask for anything more. Weight loss and being healthy is hard but I am here to help. =)